• That's how columbine started.

    They rampaged because Austrian camera op rates were too high?! OMFG

  • Anyone know any camera operators in Vienna (or crew hire firms)? Crewsfornews are quoting me 750 quid a day for a 2 day shoot next week. For that I could rent kit here, fly there, hotel for 3 nights and shoot myself (not like that). Which is actually what I've been asked to do - but I don't want or have time to. Surely Austria has cheap ops? Help!

    Fly someone from Cracow or Bratislava to Vienna. It will be cheaper.
    Guy - 325pln
    HD cam - 600 pln per day
    Total £200 per day

  • Where do you buy your shit from? Looking to pick up some stuff when I get back to the UK. Camera bodies (nothing fancy - DSLRS and other large or S35 sensor jobs), lenses, grip, sound, the works. Want to go into a showroom in London and play around, see if discounts are available for a fairly substantial buy, etc.

    Currently looking at:


    (Russel Square)


    But no showroom..

    Other suggestions?

  • Finger on trigger..


    the Bench with Zeiss CP.2 50mm T2.1 Makro on Vimeo[/ame]

  • Bump (though late night probably won't help chances of being seen):

    Does anyone here work at a hire company? I have an embarrassing need to get an Alexa package + ultra primes + remote ff etc for next Monday on a woeful budget. Based in Brighton but DOP and crew coming from London so they can collect on Friday if needs be.

  • @CYOA How woeful? I can highly recommend OnSight for hiring, they've sorted us out with some ridiculous deals before, worth giving them a shout. Ask for Al, sound dude

  • @TooTallTim Ta. Will try. Thing is I have an account with VI (and can get great deals but they only stock Amira, not Alexa) and Pro Motion (but probably can't get as good a discount as VI) so I don't really have any leverage or right to ask for deals from a company I've no history with. We'll see. Am also trying One Stop and Shoot Blue. Budget level of woe: High. 500 + vat ! There's a contingency spend but not a lot and it would be useful spent elsewhere - like fuel and craft!

  • Curiously, we managed the above on that budget from an Alexa owner/operator based in Essex. Anyone needs contacts let me know.

    In other news: anyone have recommendations for good looking forest/woodland in easy reach of London or Brighton? Access is important. Shooting one day (next Saturday) so input appreciated. Does anyone know Bourne Wood?

  • Just in case anyone searches in the future: We shot in Swinley woods near Bracknell. Brilliant looking location and we didn't get bothered or have any nodders in frame, despite it being the first Saturday of the Easter holidays and thus heaving with MTBers and mothers pushing prams.

    Got kit from Adam Etherington / Canary who I've not used before. DOP & 1st pulled some favours for an Epic and some Super Speeds:

    Just for future reference - anyone based in Brighton? I'm going to have a few jobs in the coming months. Will need editors, motion graphics, camera/directors, 'other' for projects ranging from branded docs (2k-15K) to music videos (500 to 5k) to LB commercials (10k-20k). Let me know.

  • nodders in frame

    Any headbangers? :)

  • We're in London, but keen for commercial directing and branded doc work, if you think we might be suitable. We produce a lot of our own work too - http://www.stitchthat.tv

  • Ta Tim, I can't place where but I'm sure we know some of the same bunch.... Steadifletch? Will certainly keep you guys in mind.

    Incidentally I'll extend that call from Brighton to London. Always good to know who is available and does what/where.

  • Yep, I know Fletch! We may have crossed paths at some point, always a small world

  • Any camera owner-operators available in London, UK on Saturday 18th April? Have a desperately dull corporate job that needs a few extra crew members - looking for C100/C300/FS7 etc and will ideally need own lenses (pref 70-200mm EF), tripod, and radio mic. Simple locked off coverage of speakers addressing audience in small breakaway rooms. The speakers will need to be mic'ed before going to the podium. Hours roughly 9-5.

    Feel free to get in touch here or via PM with contacts/rates.

  • Anyone ever done any filming on board a mocked up 747? I've tried ShootAviation and the training cabins at Heathrow but still fishing around.

  • Anyone own a good looking detached house with a driveway in easy distance of central London?
    We need a location to film in this coming Monday (27th April).
    We have dollar (some).

  • Bump.

    Who's doing what lately?

    We just shot a series of docs for the NHS encouraging people to go into General Practice (rather than specialising) after qualifying given shortage etc.

    Got a commercial coming up which is crewed already but anyone feel free to post job requests and I'll see if we have something suitable.

  • I'm in audio post production, mostly work on film and TV drama these days but have lots of experience working on trailers / promos / commercials etc.

    Feel free to hit me up if you have any need for sound work!

  • Editor here, always on the hunt...

    Been doing lots of factual & fact ent telly lately. Background in tv development, film industry promo, commercials. Also recently done plenty of promo/digital in fashion, cycling, transport, wine, fintech, you name it.

    Give me a shout for online cv!


  • Skully, I completely forgot you were an editor. I parked most of my arts jobs and started in tv production management a couple of years ago. Send me the link for your CV.

  • Me too. What you been working on? I wonder if our paths have crossed.

    Not fully up to date, but some of the stuff I do.


  • Any 2nd ADs / similar on here? Need some crowd control at a little online shoot on Monday. Have about 15 SAs need wrangling and I'm on my own with the DOP and can see it all falling to shit without a hand. Let me know.

    Incidentally, if anyone knows any one who fancies themselves an extra, who doesn't look like they live in my shed and want £50 for about 4 hours of sitting around pretending to use a computer this Monday, hit me up.

  • Ooh yes please. Sorry I missed this first time around. Which reminds me - I think @bashthebox sent me rates and a reel and I completely ignored you - nothing personal - just shit at admin and have a memory like a goldfish.

  • I'm currently taking a break from sitting around using a computer for a living and would be happy to pretend to do it for a bit of cash. Can scrub up and have all the right kit etc.

  • Any doco camera ops/directors on here? Have a job penciled I'm tentatively crewing for.

    2 or 3 weeks on location in Nigeria.

    After a Director, DOP, Soundie and maybe an assistant of some kind. There'll be local assistance in the form of a fixer/drivers and you'll be traveling with client. It's Delta State where some British dude got killed the other day (after being kidnapped) so not for the faint hearted.

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