• I am on the hunt for a producer, london based for a couple of short film ideas I'm looking to put forward for funding. One is bike related and would be crewed and probably star people off the forum. Other has some bikes in, but is still in development phase.
    If anyone is a producer or knows of one who'd be interested let me know.
    Obviously no money currently, but would be looking to pay sooner rather than later.

  • I'm still on the lookout for a producer for this cycling short film, which I'm hoping to shoot 9-11 Sept, in London.
    Need 4-5 Cyclists, who can act or Actors who can cycle, or anyone who rides a bike (well) and is confident reciting lines to camera, to be filmed in it. Looking for both male/female, any age. Would need their own bike.
    Also looking for someone to do some vfx on the film, as well. Can send through script and treatment to explain what's required.

    If you know of anyone, let me know.

    I'm posting up in here first before going full forum later this month.

    Many thanks

  • I’ve been asked if I can put this through here in case it might get views.

    • Hello from Pennyworth S3 Art Department!

    We are currently crewing up for a 10-episode, Band 3, period show (set in London, late 60’s - early 70’s) for Warner Bros / HBO.London based project, studios in Leavesden.

    Start date as soon as possible for 5-week prep(TBC) and 16-week shoot (TBC)

    Roles: X2 Art Director. X1 Supervising art director

    They’re also looking for a photographer in the graphics dept.

    I’m personally not involved in any way in this. This is for a friend who works in said department.
    I’m waiting for permission to put their contact details on here.

  • Anyone have any advice on online locations where they can post for those job listings? Expert advise would be really welcome.

  • Various Facebook groups too, but not my area I’m afraid. I’m post.

    eg https://www.facebook.com/groups/14888964­31399686/?ref=share

  • Amazing. Really appreciate that.
    They're having a really difficult time finding people. Is everyone in TV/Film just working their ass off at the moment?

  • It’s a sellers market at the moment. Huge demand and not enough good people out there.

  • Good to know. I'll pass that on. Thanks

  • Anyone know anyone either near Bedford or in the south west with a 17"or larger monitor available to rent on Monday and Tuesday? CVP have had my money for 2 months for a Sumo and it's clearly not coming in time so need to rent but can't face going to London and back (from Devon) just to collect on the Friday. Shoot is in Bedford. Traveling up on Saturday.

  • CVP can be fuckin useless, had that before with them too.

  • I had a quick look on fatllama.com but didn't see anything large outside of London sorry

  • anyone know anyone who works in directors representation?
    I've got an idea (about directors representation) and want to run it by someone who knows more than I do about it.

    Let me know


  • Re. my last post I discovered CineWest (who appear to basically be a spin off from Video Europe) and they're gems.

    In other news, anyone know any large studio spaces outside of London? I've tried the bottle yard and Band in Bristol. Would consider Brighton way. Reading / Southampton but don't really want to go north and am assuming London (even Heathrow) prices will be prohibitive. Need to find someone large enough to stage and shoot six room scenes simultaneously as there's a move through all of them.

  • Found a studio.

    Any set builders/designers here? Trying to cost something. Need to build 4 (down from 6) 'rooms'.

    The rooms are going to be just two walls, shooting into a corner sort of thing. Wall height 3m. Wall width 3m and 4m. So 4 x walls that are 4m wide 3m tall, and 4 x walls that are 3m wide and 3m tall. These all need to be painted. Each room is a different colour.

    At the moment I'm speaking to a supplier who uses Aluvision and can print onto seamless non gloss fabric at £50 per square meter. That's about £4200. He hasn't stated whether this cost includes install or the actual Aluvision frames or is just the printing. In the meantime I'm just trying to see if I could hire a scenic artist to come and knock up some flats from timber, ply and scenic canvas, then paint them. And whether I could get those 4 x rooms done for less than £4200.

  • Any after effects / compositing freelancers here? I have a 4 second exterior of a building and the flags are blowing the wrong way... the flags only have text on the wrong side (brilliant design) so the text appears backwards. options: either mask text out entirely and just have coloured flags, or somehow mask and then put text on top but seems trickier as there is some ripple in the flag. could also do with a bluer sky etc.

    I could blunder my way through it in a day or so but suspect someone knowledgeable could sort it in a few hours or am I talking out of my producer?

  • Any storyboard artists? Mine has gone awol when I'd penciled him in and need some stuff done this week.

  • Can't help you with these @CYOA but good luck and thanks for keeping the thread active : )

  • I don't use Facebook so apart from personal recommendations this is my only outlet for filling odd jobs : )

    Found a Mocha specialist to sort the flags, found a studio in Corby, found a storyboard artist - so all good!

    Might need a props stylist for next week and potentially costume/wardrobe so feel free to drop names here.

  • Got the above.

    All falling together. Sort of.

    Obviously the client (swedish, meatballs etc) can't supply anyone to actually build all the furniture they're giving us...

  • Any after effects wizards around next week?

    Need something like this animated onto 4 handheld shots.

    1 Attachment

    • dynamicstroke.jpg
  • Thomas Douglas over in Bath is great. PM me and I can send over email, he hasn’t set up a website yet but you can find him on LinkedIn.

  • I'm trying to view some super old scripts I wrote on final draft back in 97. I've tried to open them in final draft 9 and 11, and both don't recognize the file or the format, when I view them now, they are displayed as exec or Unix executable files.
    Probably something to do with the movement of macs from some processor to another which now means I can't view old files. I've managed to get back the old word documents, but the final draft scripts are currently unreadeable.
    Anyone have any ideas about how I can make them readable again?
    Let me know

  • The final drafts are word files? Google docs may open it. Have you tried simply copying the file and changing the file name. Ie finaldraft.txt

    I rember this working for simple files long shot I know. Good luck

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