• Bar angle always ends up wrong on those integrated setups

  • What are the go-to brands for AliExpress lights? Looking for something not too heavy and not uber bright that can also act as a power bank to use on long rides when you may get caught as it gets dark/might risk running out of juice on the Wahoo

  • I have the Magicshine RN1200 and it's very good. Haven't tried it as a power bank but according to the specs it should work. Garmin mount is also very useful.

  • Hoe can these be this cheap? Interesting alternative for Spyres?

  • Youtuber tracevelo comparing AliExpress disk brakes at different price levels...

    Overheating and other issues put me off as it's probably the most important thing on the bike

  • Yeah guess I’ll steer clear of these.

  • I am riding the Juin Tech and I am very happy with them. They are way better than my Spyres and cable-actuated means they are very easy to disconnect and reconnect when I had to take my bike apart for travelling. No overheating issues on my side but as Luke mentions in his video this also depends on rotors and brake pads. I use them with Dura Ace Ice Tech Freeza Rotors.
    I would recommend them over Spyres.

  • Is there a seller that does good steel cx bikes on a par with a croix de Fer? Ideally flat mount and thru axle so I can easily swap over parts off my road bike over? Can't get over how spendy the croix de Fer has become

  • Is the croix de Fer a CX bike?

  • It was back when I owned one in 2012, and that was when it only had clearance for 35mm tyres max.

  • It's been absorbed by "gravel" now hasn't it.

  • Seems like he has quite a few useful reviews of AliExpress parts for those who are tempted

  • I watched some of his videos. They are entertaining but never really tempted me. I used to ride an open mould frame though.

  • As I say, they're only if you're inclined to buy those parts. I've only used the Juin tech brakes and they were great, Id buy them again if needed cable brakes - the rest; not so much.

  • Can I just buy some generic BH90 hose/barb/olives from Amazon/eBay, or do I really want Shimano own?

  • nah you can buy any, wiggle sells them under lifeline brand too

  • I bought ones on ebay and they were fine.

  • I Just received my Light Bicycle r35 UD rims! What brake pads are going to work best with them? Looking for something that is not going to be dangerously ineffective, but also not wear through the braking surfaces in the first few weeks! Any recommendations?

  • I'm also interested in recommendations as the pads my lb wheels came with are looking quite worn now and have started squealing on every descent.

    Managed to get 10x the km out of them than any alu pad/rim combination I've used in the past.

  • Lifeline carbon

  • Any reason? Are they specifically suited to the ud surface or are they just nice carbon rim pads?

  • swisstop

  • I switched to Swissstop after going through my LB ones. Seem good.

  • God he’s annoying.

  • Do lightbicycle and farsports usually have singles day discounts?

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