• I didn’t in the end. Had a few quid set aside for various bike expenses including this, then I accidentally used it to insure my new car for a year 😄

  • Should maybe ask more generally, has anyone bought a complete groupset recently? I’m after an r8000 rim brake variety if anyone can give a seller recommendation?

  • Ah fair enough, bit rubbish when real life expenses get in the way of cycle related grand schemes.

  • I bought this recently https://es.aliexpress.com/item/100500209­9522925.html? all the shimano parts are original but without boxes, they where in bags. it arrived in less then a 20 days. i think the same seller have some road groupset as well. If the price is right it's a thumbs up from me.

    https://es.aliexpress.com/store/group/Bi­cicleta-de-carretera-de-grupo/3685083_51­5045070.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.100008.5.1­4b87ed7xkEBdW this is another seller i used before and the experience is basically the same as the other

  • Have you put some miles on one of these? They hold the saddle secure long-term?

  • get thomson

    I’ve lived by this.

    But …

    I have loads of (oem, alloy) seatpost showing on my comfybeik and wonder if carbon = compliance

    I can’t say I ever noticed a difference between carbon and a nice alloy post in the past.

  • I used for a bit and never had a problem but I can't say I put it through a hard life. It hold the saddle fine but it doesn't seem the most heavy duty seat post available. Let's say that I would not esitate to use it on the street but off road there probably better option.

  • I have one of these on the road bike. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence with the carbon cradle but it's crazy light and so far it's still holding the saddle with no creaks. Clamping system it's a lot better than the new ones with the round thing pressing in laterally, easy to adjust and never moves.
    Comfort wise I always felt like my alloy road bike was less jarring than the alloy fixed. All else being similar I guess it was the sloping frame with a massive carbon post Vs traditional with a stiff Thomson. Don't think it will make much for people running short posts.

  • Ok, good to know. I’m pretty light so actually want a post with some flex. I just want a solid cradle/clamp too.

    I think I’ll give it a try.

    @Netakure with another bike (also with a load of post showing ... it's a TCR) I didn't notice any difference going from a heavy carbon OEM to a Thomson but probably wasn't paying attention TBH. I only ride that bike when deliberately hurting parts of my body by pushing the pedals too hard.

  • I'm close to pulling the trigger on these cranks https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10050025­76966535.html I'm wondering if anyone has ordered these or similar before and knows if the logos will rub of with acetone.

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  • Found the reason behind a leaky piston.

    Anyone had luck with a replacement Shimano piston (I know these aren't supposed to be owner serviceable)?
    I can only find metal or ABS replacement pistons on Alix rather than ceramic.

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  • I bought mine in the uk while I was in Belgium so returning and warranty was a pita so I just bought a new one. AFAIK shimano knows there is a fault somewhere (I had the same shit as you) so should replace it under warranty.

  • Now that I think of it, I might have one spare old one lying around :') Don't know about postage to the uk though and if it's worth it.

  • Funny you say this, in the UK but bought abroad so couldn't warranty. Shimano/Madison really are a pain!

    If you manage to find the spare I'm keen to buy and give it a go, feels like such a waste to throw it in the bin.

  • haha :D I'll check my spare box tomorrow!

  • Whelp, sorry mate, took longer than expected. One was toast, other one still looks ok?

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  • Oooo, amazing. Will drop you a DM

  • 80/180 mm quill stem. Measures 21.9 mm diameter instead of 22.2... With a beer can shim it can work, but the wall thickness is also a bit dodgy, rather thin. Wouldn't recommend it for heavy use.

  • You only had to scroll down and you would have known
    User pics from the review section, comparison stem is an old Sakae-Ringyo

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  • Was looking at LB rims for CX, tubeless hooked. Anyone got a strong recommendation? I was eyeing up the AR36 (would have to email them about rims only), any first hand experience?

  • Not with LB but Far Sports came up pretty good and cheap... Only problem was one of the valve holes had a tiny blockage inside and needed some convincing before the valve could fully go in. Came with updated DT hubs as well, so I was able to dodge the recent DT EXP issue. There's even a $100-off coupon from tracevelo (which is "TRACEVELO100" apparently...) and they also have a long standing 5%-off coupon (support can help you there as it gets updated from time to time)

    60+ page thread on weightweenies as well.

  • I have an AR36 wheel set and it is lovely - the rims do seem tough to get tyres on, but not sure how much worse than other tubeless wheels. I run them on my all purpose wheel set with a Son dynamo and they work for summer or winter and feel fast.

    I do actually have another spare set of AR36 rims which were built up but never ridden and that i need to shift, if you wanted to skip the wait time… they are the 3k version and have a braking surface but it’s never been braked on, so would work for a rim brake or disc brake wheelset…

  • I do actually have another spare set of AR36 rims which were built up but never ridden and that i need to shift, if you wanted to skip the wait time… they are the 3k version and have a braking surface but it’s never been braked on, so would work for a rim brake or disc brake wheelset…

    That sounds appealing, will DM

  • How are the silly bottle cages? Tempted by some of these.

  • Does anyone have a set of Novatec hub carbon clinchers they'd like to sell on? Not keen to wait 2 months for delivery.

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