• I have! Volume isn't too loud, on a windy day you'll definitely hear more wind noise than music, but that's ok with me as I still want to hear some noise around me. I found it good at least for music I'm familiar with as you can "fill the gaps" of what you don't hear. Not tried a podcast yet and in fairness I've only worn them while cycling in noisy London.

    All in all I'm happy as the idea was to have something to play background music rather than immersive and it does that very well, and I can imagine it would do a great job in quieter country lanes should I need some entertainment during a 200km ride. For that kind of use it definitely makes more sense to drop £20 on these than 100 on a set of Aftershockz I'd say.

    As I mentioned in the older post the buttons area feels the flimsiest, and to me the more likely to eventually let some water or moisture in, so maybe the single button version might be a little more robust, but all in all they feel decently built and I'd expect them to last, while I wouldn't wear the in the rain of course, but they're not designed for that.

  • Nice one, will give them a go!

  • Carbon post arrived today, pleasantly quick delivery.

    Properly light, especially in 400mm length, but looks well made with relatively thick walls

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  • Actual weight?

  • Far from accurate as it’s using antique kitchen scales with brass weights but appears to be 140g

  • Ah nice, that is light

  • If you have calipers I'd check the OD - I had a China Carbon post that came up skinny and wouldn't clamp properly without slipping. Not heard many others having this issue, but worth a check as I was worried I'd naffed the frame up over clamping.

  • Good point, headed off to the shed to check - looks to be 27.2

  • And here it is in situ

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  • I had the same a good while back, I ended up binning it.

    Probably just as well because I'd say I'm over the weight limit for most carbon seatposts atm ha

  • Does AliExpress do decent (maybe carbon?) clip on bars? Thinking more J bend than S as I'd use for comfort/extra position on long rides rather than speed and TTing but happy to be swayed either way by somebody who has more clue than I do!

  • I use similar to these.

    They’re not adjustable at all but sit down flush with the top of your handlebar and weigh nothing. They’re a nice alternative to the Hirschi head-unit grab and keep you UCI compliant on your ride to Lidl.

    They use a clamp like a Kalloy uno stem faceplate. The threaded bit in the carbon is flakey so only torque them to ~ 3nm (I think) and go slow, back and forth, small quarter-turns between the two bolts. Then they’re fine.

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  • I use similar to these.

    I have some of those too.

    Pros: Cheap, light, low stack height
    Cons: Pads are pretty thin, I replaced with 10mm EVA foam to create some actual padding.

  • Good to see they pass EN14766 requirements, which is a MTB standard and has no mention of tri bar extensions... Although there is a section about bar ends so if they tested them as such you can in theory grab them them on the ends and sprint. Or hang 50kg of Lidl's finest potatoes on each one.

  • Just got a message re/ my wheels ordered that due to worsening EU-China relations, many cargo flights had been cancelled.

    They did 'upgrade' to EMS shipping, but I wonder now when I'll get the wheels. Sigh

  • Anybody planning to put in a LB order in the near future? The additional cost they charge during checkout is appalling, considering Farsports has free EMS shipping.

  • Update from/about LB:
    The popular models are backlogged and they now have 7-10 weeks lead time. They're out of DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs, new batch expected in the end of May. They're suggesting AR46 (which are in stock) with Carbon-Ti hubs, they say it'll be 1 week build time + shipping time.

    I'll be ordering these Farsports Feders this week, and possibly another set for a friend (different depths/models). Their lead time is 20-25 working days plus shipping which is free with EMS and no additional fees on top.

    Edit: Ordered, I'm told they're running out of DT240EXP hubs, also apparently there's a new engagement issue with some of the DT's EXP hubs... But it's rare.

    Also there's a 5% off coupon available just ask customer service.

  • Does anyone know who (if any) does replicas for MTB/ adventure forks with mountings? (Similar to Whisky no9/ Niner boost RDO / Bombtrack BPC/ Salsa Cutthroat V2 etc etc)

    I knwo @amey mentioned Carbonda for forks before but they don't seem to have MTB size forks.

  • Can anyone verify a headset they've used with success with the Hylix 1" carbon fork?

    The cup on this Ritchey Scuzzy Logic foul the crown on the fork so I can't see/feel the bearing fit on the integrated race.

    Did some digging on here and someone messaged a Hylix ebay seller and they said that 45 degree bearings should be used but most 1 inch headsets have 36 degree bearings - that was two years ago so maybe a different iteration, not sure.

    Any advice much appreciated!

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  • What's the inner and outer diameter of the lower bearing in that Rithchey headset? Could you find a 45deg bearing that you could replace it with which might also be deeper and solve your clearance issues?

  • Didn't think of that, will take some measurements and see if that could be a runner, cheers!

  • My go-proes have shipped! I don't have the highest of expectations for them but I am pretty excited. Mental for the price.
    38mm deep, not particularly wide, tubeless (no spoke holes in the rim bed)
    Gloss 3K Twill

  • Would you mind sharing how much they were, all-in?

  • £249.65
    With a further £17.85 for the non standard finish. £250 is for matte UD

    I've put some money aside for getting hit with customs fees. So the above probably won't be the final cost to my door but so far, impressively affordable

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