• @KarlMarx can comment on that, he dealt with them, I think the bigger saving was postage.

  • It might be they can sneak another set of wheels into the order. Building is a bit backlogged i think so it might be worth asking.

  • I actually only want some rims. Who do I ask?

  • Yeah the saving wasn't huge, we eventually got 5% off for 2 wheelsets and 1 set of rims. As Amey said, the saving was more from combined postage than the 5%. Quoting them:

    Our biggest box is for 2 sets of wheelsets. And I have double-checked
    with our colleague in the shipping department. It is possible to put 1
    set wheelset and 2 rims in one bigger box

    So depending on what you are after, that will affect the price/savings. We also got the shipping option with the taxes paid for and dealt with. To give you an idea, the shipping for 2 wheelsets and
    1 set of rims was 312 USD. If you email them and speak to Koko she was really helpful.

    The order is definitely taking its time though, it was placed a fortnight ago and still 'processing'.

  • I just ordered wheels from Farsports, the wheels themselves were slightly more expensive than LB but the postage was so much better. I couldn’t believe what they were quoting at LB.

  • Did you get both together off the same listing for that price?? Keen to give it a go, but cant find them both for that price....

    While we're at it anyone found a good non-tapered/straight 1-1/8th through axle disc fork - carbon or Ti?

  • Ah soz, yeah actually that was just for the post. Even so, it seems good value based only on having a feel of them while installing. Pleasingly light too.

  • Ok, anyone want to save some shipping costs and group buy some rims with me from LightBicycle?

  • Any recommendations for carbon aero drop bars that won't kill or bankrupt me?

    Ideally plain matte black - integrated would be cool I guess. Most I have found from the usual retailers in the UK are insanely expensive and/or have ugly decals. Best I have found so far are Easton EC90, but they are still a bit 'logoey'...

    Obviously prepared to sacrifice weight for intact bones.

  • Any recommendations for carbon aero drop bars that won't kill or bankrupt me?

    Prime primavera?

    They are not quite as nice to hold as the Spesh Aerofly 1 on another bike but come in quite a bit cheaper. They were very easy to fit, generous holes for the internal cables and there is room around my stem for garmin/lights.

    The decals are fairly stealthy..

  • I also want some of these. fucking wiggle out of stock for everything atm

  • I found these earlier! Look perfect and reviews are decent. No stock unfortunately...

    Thanks anyway.

  • They have a hole at the rear? But they don't seem to have any routing for cables on any of the matching stems. So presumably you're just supposed to put the junction box in the stem but have cables running in and out of the bars

  • Carbon handlebars are all well and good until you drop your bike and crack them

  • They have a hole at the rear?

    Yes but my experience is with a mechanical/hydraulic groupset, I've not a clue about di2 or etap.

  • dunno if people are looking for carbon aero bars, but i was a bout to list a specialized s-works aerofly 42cm, ready for di2, actually still routed with a junction box and e-tubes.

  • Is it acceptable to put Specialized bars on a non-Specialized bike though?

  • This.
    I learned this the hard(very expensive) way after falling over at very very low speed after failing to unclip.
    Swore I'd never use carbon drop bars again. But... @glws I might be interested in those aerofly if selling the bars alone without junction box and e-tubes?

  • sure, it's still barttaped and mounted with shifters one, but happy to dismantle.
    Why am i posting this in the chinese thread ? no idea

  • yes, i am after a single rim for a fixed rear wheel. have you done the order already ?

  • Because they're made in China?

  • where is that Brailsford meme when you need it

  • soz I think I seen what I wanted to see, I need 44cm not 42 :(

  • Potentially interested in the aerofly bars. sent a pm.

  • how are people paying for stuff on aliexpress? credit card only? bit pish there's no paypal option; reluctant to give my debit card details over to a shop which is likely to be whack-a-moled for selling joakleys...

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Orient Express - Cheap Chinese Rims / Wheels / Forks / Frames / Cranks / Etc

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