• And customs can happily disregard the stated value and charge you what they deem fit

  • Genuine question, why is dodging import customs tax seen as fair game? Is it partly because the charges are so unclear?

  • I've done two orders, the difference between pre-paying the tax and what customs deemed the value to be was identical.

  • why is dodging import customs tax seen as fair game?

    Presumably the same reason as it's considered part of the game to pay tradesmen in cash to avoid VAT. Poor people don't get the opportunities for mass tax evasion that are open to the ruling class, so they like to stick it to the man when they can.

  • I'm thinking of getting some more wheels from LB. Any interest in a group buy? I get 3% off as a returning customer but they normally offer more if you buy multiple sets (no requirement for specs to be the same)...

  • I might be interested, when are you planning on ordering?

  • Id be interested in a pair of rims

  • @clockwork_killa and @leggy_blonde I'd probably be looking to order in the next week or so. @pjhobs is also keen so might have a nice little group to split delivery costs and leverage a bigger discount.

    Drop me a pm with your rim / wheel specs and I'll get in touch with LB.

  • I do want to order some in the future but not ready soon to put in an order.

    However I have noticed that they may provide an industry discount if any of you work in the cycling industry

  • I'm keen in ordering a wheelset - will drop you a PM.

  • Cool, looking like 5 people interested at the moment. I'll update everyone via PM when I get the quotes back.

  • Also interested - will PM

  • Ok, I've had the quote back for the initial order. Will get a further update with the additional 2.

    FWIW it looks like they're offering 5% discount on the standard rims and 20% off the Pro rims...

  • late for the party but are these from this store?

    Also considering it as a gift for a few mates and wondered how they were in terms of build quality and if they UV protect at all

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Orient Express - Cheap Chinese Rims / Wheels / Forks / Frames / Cranks / Etc

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