• Helin Liu is a well used source on a dutch cycling forum. Not so good with warranty issues tho.

  • Cheers chaps, just seeing what alternatives there are really, no particular reason to dislike light bicycle

  • Just got this for the MTB to mount Wahoo on stem cap; really well made, works nicely

  • Had plenty of success with AliExpress sunnies so far - has anyone got a link for Wayfarers?

  • I abandoned a cart on lightbicycle and got this from them:

    Currently, we provide 2 kinds of shipping methods to UK for one wheelset.
    TPD delivery: USD155, tax pre-paid duty, don't need to pay customs tax and VAT cost, 7~12 days roughly for delivery
    EMS delivery: USD78, need to pay Customs fee if necessary. We will also declare the low value to help you reduce the tax cost, 7~12 days roughly for delivery.

  • always use the TPD

  • So what?

    That's like eBay's bollocks of them paying the customs and duty etc; bollocks!

  • yes but for a 650USD wheelset if they were to charge 20% VAT it'd be 130USD alone .. plus you'd have paid 78USD shipping already ..

  • I bought a crabon frame for £134, free delivery but got hit for £24 import tax by RM. Still a reasonable price, I guess.

  • A frame cheaper than the price of a decent quality rim?! I’m not sure I’d be riding that anywhere other than on a turbo trainer.

  • I get you, I’ll probably be back here after picking my rims up crying that I got stung...

  • y u no tell me before an order ?! :'(

  • I told you two weeks ago AFTER the order.....

  • What would be forum approved Aliexpress carbon seatpost from known manufacturer like ican etc?
    27.2mm needed.


  • Toseek with this pattern of head works as long as you sit over the axis. IIRC some people have had issues when they load the saddle a long way off centre, which is unsurprising. Available in straight and set-back versions (and aero ones too), so you should be able to avoid that problem if you choose the right one. The advantage if you live in mortal fear of QC issues is that the carbon bit is a very simple shape with a simple loading (circumferential tension around the big lateral hole)

  • Yep I have one of these and it’s been great for a couple of years but I have used a Carradice with it and it slips but under normal use it’s solid

  • Got a customs payment slip for both a frame and wheels when I get in tomorrow at work.

    Want to get muh stuff, but also don't want to pay...

  • https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Brand-Su­tro-Photochromic-Cycling-Glasses-Bike-Bi­cycle-Outdoor-Sports-Cycling-Goggles-Sun­glasses-Cycling-Eyewear-For-Men/33000949­346.html

    these arrived on mon. look and feel good. changing the lenses isnt as easy as fauxbreakers though

    selfie for @amey + hair poking through ugly old helmet. need to order a new one right now

  • Cool, how is it when riding? I find my WindJacket to bounce around a bit on bumpier sections, where my JawBreakers were fine in that regard.

    Oh and by the way, I’ve managed to source snide copies of everyone’s favorite Italian saddle, PM me for deets as I don’t want to expose them and ruin my supply.

  • they fit my head well. sit very tight on das face

  • Hmm, might give them a punt then.

  • Got a pic of the jawbreakers? and a link recommendation?

  • Anybody got a recommendation for a square taper bb, or are they all pants?

  • Direct from china? You mad bro?

    A shimano un-55 is the king of BB world and available from any bike shop/web page worth their salt.

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Orient Express - Cheap Chinese Rims / Wheels / Forks / Frames / Cranks / Etc

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