• but >$300 for a set of LB rims is fine

    Enve rims are at least four times that, so yes, LB rims are cheap.

  • I'm not trying to make remarks or pick a fight, really. It was more that this thread isn't purely about super cheap stuff, there's a middle ground of direct from Asia stuff that might have a bit more QAQC to it.

  • Yes, that was my point. Spending in the region of 70-90£…

  • Fair to say I have dug from page 350 to the current without finding any options...for this reason I tried to ask for an updated middle price alternative.

    This topic is missing a sort of updated sticky list of fairly cheap carbon items..if you go back as I did last night, you probably find in approximately 12 months that at least 10 people have asked about the most recommended bottle cages alternative to Arundel etc etc...

  • This topic is missing a sort of updated sticky list of fairly cheap carbon items

    Item list would be pointless as models change so frequently. There could be a list of proven PRC brands with their area of expertise, starting with

    1. Lightbicycle - carbon fibre rims
  • 100% agree with your view, thanks for this.

    1. Lightbicycle - carbon fibre rims
    2. Hylix - Carbon fibre seatpost
    1. Lightbicycle - carbon fibre rims
    2. Hylix - Carbon fibre seatpost
    3. Waltly - Titanium Frames
  • Is there an approved hylix seller?

  • Lightbicycle - carbon fibre rims
    Hylix - Carbon fibre seatpost
    Waltly - Titanium Frames
    Hongfu / Carbonda - carbon frames

  • Has anyone used a Hylix post on an XC MTB? Or would they be classed as a 'road only' type of post?

  • Nice, I'm really tempted myself and it would be real cool to try hear some first hand experiences. There was some chatter that Sensah was working on a hydraulic shifter set. I have loved the mechanical ones so maybe I can wait a bit. Not really a fan of the campy style thumb shifter buttons, but if they work without too much issues I could live with them for a while.

    PS. I've had Shimano RS505s ie. 105 level and those were pretty horrible. I guess the newer ones could be ok, but sadly flat mount calipers only

  • That is true. You get what you pay for. If the similar western brand product costs £1000 otherwise 500 quid for it is cheap. There are product categories where the failure rates are high anyway and additional price is just mark up for customer service process.

  • I used my layback Hylix for CX. No worries about the strength but the lack of serrations meant the saddle could rotate during a really botched remount, I'm not sure I would use it for any offroad racing.

  • Ta... I'm not a racer... am tempted tbh

  • 1x road crankset, decent quality?
    Any favourites?

  • decent quality?

    There are many things which are decent quality with respect to their price point. You should at least indicate your budget, and ideally in this case any limitations imposed by your BB shell.

  • Sorry dad 😢
    I’d say no more than £100 but less would be nicer, 68mm threaded BB.

  • zrace 1x crankset comes in around that price.. seems to get decent reviews

  • Anyone placing a LB order soon? Might bolt on for a rim if you don't mind

  • Assume its not a 36H WR45 rim... because only an idiot would order one of them...

  • Close enough, 32h AR35

  • sounds like @scarlet is soon

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Orient Express - Cheap Chinese Rims / Wheels / Forks / Frames / Cranks / Etc

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