• No, the guy recommended on here has stopped fabricating parts. August Bicycles were going to make me one but then they decided they didn't have the time to take on small projects.

  • Thanks, that's very reassuring to hear!
    My other good wheels are XR31t, which are OK, but not quite as nice, and definitely more suited to flat roads than climbing.

  • Anybody who’s ordered, broken or tossed their Elita One/similar seatpost have a spare cradle? I had a peculiar crash last night that snapped a yoke and cracked the cradle.

    A replacement would make the road rash a little less sore!

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  • Does anyone have any carbon disk rim recommendations at all?

  • Yeah Power Road Tubeless, I'll try and find time for a pic with vernier calipers showing the size

    Ah you're totally right, mine measure same now. After a few hundred miles they were still at 32, but now ~35.

  • @HoKe yes please

    get in touch

  • If you couldn't find one, you could get a new use alien post for not too much money on their outlet site

  • I could just order a new Elita one but hoped to not have to buy a whole new post!

  • @xDOMx

    Did you get the Seka yet? Interested to hear your feedback if you did!

  • Unfortunately had to abandon it!

    All the lockdown-related issues in China and other problems meant my March ETA turned into “maybe May.” I have a race in June for which I need to get used to a new bike, so ended up getting an SL7 (a friend works for them so got a decent discount).

    A shame as I was looking forward to trying it out and it looked really decent.

    New bike below (it has the forum-approved ultralight bottle cages, so maybe it counts…).

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  • if you do an order from speeder please let me know, im thinking of getting another rim and maybe forks from them as im pretty happy with their stuff, could be cheaper to split the postage

  • I'm just doing some "asking on other places to find out about their bike manufacture"

  • Hi everyone, we are looking for someone based in London who is interested in getting in on a light bicycles order with us. We get a 20% discount if we order 6 rims and we are at I believe 3 or 4 now.


    Was told to post here.

  • Yes i'm keen

  • @ukjoshb excellent DM me!

  • ^^lol
    when we get it together this is what I am after:
    RIM: Hook, Non Disc - High TG Surface, 28H, Matte, UD, With Access Holes, With Drain Holes
    ACCESSORIES/OTHERS: Blank (No decal), Add Valve Stem, Add Shimano-type Brake Pads
    USD 176

  • @tmevans I think with you and @ukjoshb it should be enough people. Both DM me and we can coordinate. Are you both in London as well?

  • Actually we have 5 rims now so we just need one person who wants at least one.

  • Thinking about a CX frame. Anyone have any pointers?

  • The second bike I used for CX, having started out on my trusty Croix de Fer, was an ICAN frameset briefly sold by On One as the Dirty Disco. It's got QR dropouts, but the modern equivalent is the ICAN AC388 which has thru-axles. It's more of a gravel/CX framset - it'll take 40mm tyres easily and has bottle cage mounts, unlike the Ridley I use for racing CX at the moment. However, the frameset was definitely not the limiting factor and compared to the Ridley it's bloody good value.

  • Cheers.

  • I don’t have a need now, but is the 20% discount standard if you order 6 or something special you have access to? Thx

  • I think you just need to ask for it!

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Orient Express - Cheap Chinese Rims / Wheels / Forks / Frames / Cranks / Etc

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