• 1056 is probably closer to this than the 696. However I've previously asked if they can put guards mounts on a 1056 and they said no, so the 696 is your only option (if its a true winter frame you want).

  • thank for the advice, so there is no actual winter road bike ( aka n=1 ) at carbonda at the moment

  • Theres one called a lifeline bearing press kit which is great.

  • @Maxime

    Ah Im sorry. I was hoping for something more like the FM066. (But with discs maybe)
    I'm not after another winter bike as my cross bike does all that.

    I think I'm after something like this

    Fits 28s
    Not too pricey

    emailed speeder:
    SC-R48D: US$698/set
    Thru Axle: US$20/set

    The shipping cost to the UK is US$110.

  • I'm looking at getting a Carbonda 696 (I've already messaged @M4xime about the joint order).

    I've never mounted anything on the forks and I don't plan on it. Those 3 mount holes on the side look a bit ugly to me and surplus to requirements. Do Carbonda offer the fork without the mounts?
    Can anyone recommend an alternative?

    I'm not 100% set on the 696, anyone tried the 1056?

  • Any recommended bearing presses for DT Swiss hub maintenance?

    There's specific drifts and a ratchet removal tool that would make your life easier. You'll probably need a vice to remove the ratchet, unless you have gorilla hands.

  • The front wheel of my small group buy turned up yesterday, finish seems excellent, box was pretty beaten up in transit it but the wheel was well protected, came in a 853.5g (vs 886g for the same wheel with a dt Swiss 350 hub so pretty close to the 30g weight saving expected) which I think is fine for an 88mm deep wheel, so far mounted tubeless tape and valve, the tyres I had in the parts bin are in worse condition than I thought so having a think about tyres before I go any further!

    The rear wheels are due to complete production on Wednesday, then it’s a race against time for them to be here before the 12th June for my first proper tri of the season..

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  • first proper tri of the season

    Speaking of which, how’re you finding the P Series? I’ve been offered a pretty much unused 105 version for £1700 and quite tempted to do that and move over some posher bits from another bike

  • Built up the 696 for my gf in a rush on Friday. She took it down the road for a test ride and then did it's first proper ride on Sunday on a 200k audax from Bristol (including a load of gravel on the fosse way). Tbh, I'm surprised my 11pm brake bleeding held together but it did and she gave the new frame/bike a thumbs up.

    Needs some deeper carbon rims from the next group buy...

  • They'll probably do one without mount holes (I think i've seen it on the ridinggravel forum thread).

    On the flip side, they added a front light hole and dynamo routing to my fork. It was $10 extra.

  • very nice! What is the sifter + front mech combo? *internet * says it all has to be GRX as they are a little outboard.

  • Shifter is a old RS685 + a GRX 810 front mech. Supposedly I could've got away with using the 105 front mech we had but didn't want the hassle.

    I thought the crankset + front mech had to be grx, the rest didn't matter?

  • appearantly the chainrings are outboard by 2.5mm(? pls confirm @Alb )

  • Yep, so you need the grx front mech. Shifter doesn't matter.

  • yeah, I didnt think they'd have a diff cable pull esp for front, I read wrong and thought you had 105 front mech for some reason.

  • As with all things stated Shimano compatibility, take it with a pinch of salt. I’d imagine regular road FD’s have enough throw and adjustment to easily accommodate a +2.5mm chainline

  • I have 32mm tyres on mine (Michelin Power Tubeless) and they size up to a lovely 35mm.

    Power Road? I have the same combo and mine measure exactly 32mm at ~55psi. I'd like to try the 33c strada bianca next.

  • Looks lovely!

    they added a front light hole

    That is really good - getting hard to get frames with that.

  • People with Light Bicycle rim brake wheels - they seem to reckon the braking is fine nowadays. But has anyone done something like a long, twisty alpine descent and not had toasted rims?

  • Yeah Power Road Tubeless, I'll try and find time for a pic with vernier calipers showing the size

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  • I have done Furka, Grimsel, Nufenen, Gothard, various smaller French cols and a lot or Ardennes with them , 1 Furka descent with wet roads. Grooved graphene surface and Swissstop black prince pads. I lived to tell the tale and have not noticed any delamination or any other issues on them. I did touch the rim once to get a sense of temperature and it was just warm, not hot to touch. I do pump rather than drag the brakes more on long descents.

    I have to say that I am looking into a light shallow alu set for climbing alone. I just want an exta piece of mind running latex tubes that "some" have had issues with. I have been using a XR31t set, but want to go lighter.

    edit: I just had a look, it does seem the graphene surface has run off them, think after about 8k km.

  • @Saffronspokes are you using a special from-the-back mount on that fork to hold the dynamo light? Or does that fork have a front hole? I remember you were looking for a mount a while back...

  • Anyone fancy getting more stuff from light bicycle order? Will be placing at the end of the month.

  • That was for my wife's bike and her forks. Luckily these are drilled all the way through for easy mounting.

  • Ahhh. Did you find anything suitable in the end?

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