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  • alexi sayle - desert island discs
    fun listen, what a life !

  • May I Elaborate? Daily Wisdom From JB Smoove.

  • Death at the Wing using basketball to talk about what was wrong with Reagan era America hosted by Adam McKay­4

  • Haven't the two men just treat the woman like shit and boot her off?

  • I believe that is the allegation, yes.

  • St Elwick's Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Podcast is a gem… from Mike Wozniak and Joel Porter (and Three Bean Salad)

  • It's also proper rubbish now. Full of ads and then pushing their patreon. I think they've been added a sneeky laughter track, sounded like way more going on than just the two of them.

    Plus the gossips were pretty fake. As if a professional window cleaner would mistake a bucket of piss for a bucket of clean water. There would be hardly anything it to start with..

  • Are you suggesting that a man didn't marry the woman who anally pumped him with a huge strap on in broad daylight on a rugby field in front of all his pals and many other spectators?

    Seems pretty feasible to me.

  • Any other amusing podcasts?
    Actually funny rather than with a spirit of levity

  • a spirit of levity

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  • Basically that. ^

  • Some recommendations in the Observer

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  • Thanks I have dipped into that list and it’s very much the reason why I asked

  • I am currently listening to which I heard about from another cyclist. The latest upload is 27 minutes of a storm over north London.

  • I’m enjoying this, Gaz Mayall was on last week

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  • Mik Artistik, decent, cheers

  • Ropey audio adds to the charm

  • @General_Lucifer about 10 mins in to Kraken cove Zigmund Adamaski... .this is going to be good :)

  • Hope you enjoy it mate!
    Also, through October I’m looking for people’s true life experiences of the weird, unexplainable and ghostly! Please let me know if you have your own story and you could appear on the podcast! Cheers!

  • I started listening to Cum Town recently after watching this:

    I think it's pretty good, it's been my go-to podcast at work for the past 2 weeks.

  • Bad wizards. A psychology professor and a philosophy professor chat on various subjects.

  • I've woken up covered in ectoplasm a few times when camping with friends, literally no idea why or how.

  • Hmm. A common problem. I have the same problem with my Digestive Biscuits.

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Recommend me a podcast

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