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  • The Offensive is back and still good (comedy about a fake premier league football teams owner and his shenanigans)

  • Can confirm season 4 of Gossip Mongers isn't anywhere near as good without Poppy. I agree that the balance of the 3 of them worked well. I'm also gave the first episode of her new podcast a go last night. Not great. Will give another episode or two a go though, I know it's rare for a brand new podcast to hit the ground running.

  • Sad development. Maybe the hairy shiters have a replacement lined up as part of transition of the format to mainstream media with a talent package put together by their management (not hers like).

    Cor yeah that's pants artwork an all. Looks like Eighties David Puttnam telling badly drawn Casey Affleck about the vibrate mode on his Oscar.

  • 👍👍👍👍

  • cool, i've been needing to slim down my podcast selection, nice to have a good reason to unsub

  • Morning!
    Some of you know I record a couple of podcasts now, which are starting to get a bit of traction now.
    I am recording Halloween Special episodes of Kraken Cove Podcast at the moment and could do with some help.
    We’re asking for listener stories, your own stories of the weird, unexplained or the paranormal. It could be anything! We’re ideally after the story recorded in your own voice - a recorded dictaphone app recording is absolutely fine. If you don’t fancy that, write it out and I’ll read it on the show! The episode(s) will be our later in the month so if you want to be part of a rapidly growing comedy paranormal and Fortean podcast, please send me an email at or follow us on Twitter @krakencove and pm us a message!
    If you get in touch and struggle to send a file I can organise sending a WhatsApp file which seems to work best.
    Cheers folks!

  • Recent favourites

    Rabbit Hole - looking at misinformation, QAnon, Pewdiepie and friends
    Wind of Change - Did the Scorpions act as CIA stooges
    Interdependence - Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst talk about culture and technology
    Home Cooking Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway talk about food
    Imaginary Advice - The Golden House series I listen to a lot of news and commentary podcasts (Flash Forward, Conversations with Tyler, Longform Podcast, Worldly, Trump inc) so this one is an outlier but has got me interested and intrigued

  • how many aren't hosted by an American with a focus on an American perspective?

    I struggle with the same thing. I love well produced podcasts, but I end up with hours of American navel gazing as a kind of background muzak in my life.

    For those that understand Scændinaviån I would recommend the following – in no particular order:

    En mörk historia - True crime. I especially enjoyed the Svarta änkan episodes about a man murdered by his wife.
    P3 Dokumentär - Not really a podcast, but the Swedish equivalent of the BBC making their best documentary material available in podcast form. The Hästgården mini-series about child abuse is unforgettable.
    Kvinden med den tunge kuffert - Miniseries produced by the newspaper Politiken. About a serial fraudster. Amazing.
    Et langsomt mord - True crime about a cold case murder. The twist is that the podcast is led by the victim's son. Well produced, but a little slow paced maybe?
    Taakeprat - The only independent podcast on this list. The guy making it has no other outlet and appears to have no mini-celeb aspirations. Mostly about weird cults and ideologies.
    Hele historien - Produced by the Norwegian BBC. Mini series on events in recent Norwegian history. The mini series about the Alvdal child abuse case that escaped detection by the local authorities as well as the Treholt cold war spying scandal are quite good.

  • Got through the first 3 Kracken Coves the other day whilst working, they're really good, laugh out loud whilst alone funny in parts and have an absolutely amazing Brian Blessed impression.

  • And the info on the wasp planet meant I got a question right on house of games yesterday.

  • Anyone listen to the Disco episode of You're Wrong About...?

    Found it fascinating, but one thing I'm confused by is the logic that Disco Demolition was a racist and homophobic event if from 1976 (or whenever), Disco had been culturally appropriated and white-washed to the point that society at large didn't know that it had black and queer roots.

    Did I miss something? I listened to it in a few sittings.

  • Presumably while being appropriated by the predominatly white led music industry, it was still seen as black and effeminate by the majority of mainstream whilst you'd have acts like Abba et al , those acting against disco still see themselves as taking a swipe at black and queer America.

  • Does anyone listen to Your Kickstarter Sucks? I don't know if I'd recommend it to strangers on the internet because it's a very specific, very dry, low energy humour but I can't get enough of it. Very loosely based around shit crowdfunding projects but it's essentially just 2 guys having a rambling conversation for about an hour and a half at a time. Would recommend starting somewhere in the middle of their ouvre if that sounds appealing.

  • Anyone else recommended "tech won't save us"? Its a nice little podcast, not as intelligent or as well produced as "the secret history of the future", but i feel its along similar(ish) lines with regard to tech in the present day.


    Can’t sleep.. feel wired, but this podcast is ace, Louis Theroux Grounded, with Oliver Stone

  • Fun fact: Adam Buxton sent some nice microphones to his buddies Louis Theroux and Joe Cornish, at the start of the pandemic with the idea they would be regular guests on his podcast.

    Louis took the microphone and started recording his own podcast.

    Adam makes the anecdote sound funnier and more interesting than that.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: you should listen to the Adam Buxton podcast.

    I've also been listening to the Blindboy podcast this week. I don't really know how to describe it, but it's essentially one guy's monologue. Very interesting perspectives, and at times very funny.

  • I gonna listen to both, many thanks

  • If anyone gets into dr. buckles his 6 muisc and xfm shows are all up online too with a small amount of looking. I would very much recommend, every few years I relisten to them, and regularly had to stop cycling as i was laughing so much i was worried i would crash

  • The Christmas podcast with Joe this year was so good. Just brilliant entertainment.

  • If it’s not been recommended before the distraction pieces podcast by Scroobius pip is really good.

    I’m listening to the interview with Goldie at the moment, it’s intense.

  • West Cork 👍

  • West Cork 👍

    Just incredible. Fascinating and intriguing and so well put together. Not found anything that compares in the couple of years since I listened to it.

    Enjoyed winds of change recently but more of an easy listen. Tunnel 29 was also very enjoyable if anyone missed it.

    Off now to search for old Buxton gems...

  • Been smashing through Revolutions pod thanks to recommendation from here really enjoyed the Haiti one. And been waiting for a new British history episode for what seems like an age. I hope he continues it as it done really well.

  • Gossipmongers.

    Tried to listen to this while running and almost collapsed.

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Recommend me a podcast

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