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  • I’ve been listening to ‘13 minutes to the moon’ from the bbc world service. It’s a bit laboured in places but gives a lot of detail around the moon landing 50 years ago. There is some great insight from those directly involved with many of the key personnel still alive as the age of many was low 20’s at the time.
    Having seen so much footage over the years it is easy to visualise from the descriptions.

  • Yeah, I've been working my way through all of them during races and audaxes. I think I've listened to all of them now, all of the Trainerroad podcasts, all the Bikes or Death ones, all of the Hidden Athlete podcasts, etc. I'm now onto some weirder ones like the GU podcasts.

  • Both of those links are covered in podcasts too, btw.

  • Just finished this short but very good series.­god

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  • If you like health/nutrition podcasts then these are very good:­s/

  • Talk to me about podcast apps, I've been using Doggcatcher for years but feel like there might be better out there but worried about the pain of moving across if it's not worth it. What's the best app these days?

  • I use beyondpod, I have a horrible feeling that the google one will be good too.

  • I use Pocket Casts and like it. It's nice and simple to use. I've not used another app for a long time so don't have much to compare it to though.

  • I use podcast addict and seem to get on with it well.

  • I use Castbox and it does the job. Had stitcher before and didn't really get on with it

  • Also using podcast addict, can't fault it.

  • I've used beyondpod for years. Seems fine but nothing to really compare it against.

  • A friend pointed me toward The Anthropocene Reviewed and I am so grateful they did! Such a wonderfully interesting, odd and deeply personal podcast.­hropocene-reviewed

  • Recently listened to all episodes after hearing about it on 99 % invisible (which is a pretty good podcast as well), really enjoyed it.

  • Only just found this thread - weirdly a friend recommended me this just yesterday. Going to give it a go today.

    Currently enjoying Ars Paradoxica, which I'm a little late to the party with. Thought the Wolverine podcast was pretty good too although I'm yet to get in to the second series.

  • This is a good recommendation. Its really nicely put together.

  • Also I really shouldn't enjoy it, but its turned into a bit of a guilty pleasure - 'The Offensive'. It's a bit like The Office/Thick of It mixed into a Premier League football club narrative.

  • Yeh John Green has a beautiful use of language for sure.

  • I've been a fan for a while, just relistened to the 1st season last week. Much fun.

  • Someone showed me Gossip Mongers. I genuinely had to turn it off because I nearly threw up from laughing. The Joe Lycett episode is incredible (I find him annoying but he's in it for about 2 minutes and the rest is great).
    Disclaimer: weird as fuck and not high brow in the least.

  • I've been listening to it but find the robot repeating shit for a minute after every vignette irksome.

  • I'm kind of in to it! Adds to the strangeness.

  • Who ever asked about podcast apps before, my new go to is Podcast Addict. Beyondpod has gone to shit, Google podcast is very basic. Podcast addict is what beyondpod could have been super powerful and customisable

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Recommend me a podcast

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