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  • I heard that too. I guess encoding error.

  • Currently listening to Ear Hustle. A really excellent project that's giving voices to a group of people that most of us would otherwise never hear. Great production and storytelling too.

    I'm very into it.


    Was good. Astonishing access a BBC Correspondent got to Benazir Bhutto.

  • Some I listen to that haven’t had a mention I think
    Very bad wizards - about psychology and philosophy
    Labour days: a labour movement podcast - about trade unions. A mate is part of this, it’s pretty niche but great content and suits (some of) the politics round here
    History ireland show - does what it says in the tin really
    Exponent - business and strategy relating to technology, not for all but I find it really interesting

  • Can anyone suggest a funny podcast?


  • I enjoy and regularly laugh at podcasts form Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope and Jim Jefferies

  • Cheers.

  • Recently been digging Pod Save America and Athletico Mince.

  • This one is hilarious, particularly enjoyed the one with Arthur Smith. The recent Brian Blessed episode is must listen stuff. Also though probs already mentioned Theres No Such Thing as a Fish

  • We Hate Movies (a bunch of New York pals tear apart a film, decent back catalogue)

    Complete Guide to Everything (couple of guys put the world to rights and completely fail to guide anything really)

    No Such thing as a fish (the nerds who fact find for QI have a podcast, it's interesting and amusing)

    Dysfunction Room (our very own General Lucifer and pals have recorded their pub conversations. I often embarrass myself on the train laughing at this)

  • If anyone is into the zombie type story line, here's a great podcast here

  • Stop Podcasting yourself - just some Canadian Comedians chatting, the section where they relate over heard comments is excellent.
    Adam Buxton - Dr. Buckles of Adam & Joe fame, sometimes more serious chat, but always fantastic.
    Athetico Mince - Bob Mortimer, say no more.

  • Criminal

  • I really enjoyed that, but I wanted more information! Im hoping HBO or someone will make Max Brooks's books into a big budget series.

  • I'm loving My Favorite Murder (you have to search for the US spelling) recently; wish I'd discovered it before most of their European tour sold out. If it was two men talking about serial killers constantly it would be a bit creepy but somehow the fact that it's two hilarious women takes the edge off.
    They recommended Last Podcast on the Left which is sometimes funny but is often a bit loud and braying for my taste, but they really do the necessary research so they can have a punchy half hour episode on fairly broad subjects or sometimes just a specific event.
    I also love The Greatest Generation which is two guys watching every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (and now DS9) and doing a jokey plot discussion. Description is 'the Star Trek podcast by a couple of guys who are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast'. They also both work in film production so are super knowledgeable about how to take apart the episodes under that lens.

  • I was into The Last Podcast on the Left for a while but listened to too many in one go and got a bit bored... I'd recommend A Very Fatal Murder which is short but sweet... and very funny, Atlanta Monster which was pretty amazing as I've never heard about the murders and Lore which I've been listening to for a while now and is always a good listen.

  • Your Mom’s House.

    Stanhope’s is also great but can get real dark.

  • Been listening to Casefile True Crime for a year or so; something about the Aussie narrator - in spite of the often brutal source material - makes it pleasing to the ears. The Jonestown episodes are outstanding.

  • ^ I like Casefile, but the guy lacks nuance and much of it is way too procedural and earnest - and five episodes on the East Area Rapist...

    I like quite a lot of the Radiotopia stuff - Criminal, The Allusionist, Love +Radio... Still love The Moth and This American Life.

    Waiting for time to listen to Ear Hustle and Death In Ice Valley.

  • Recently started listening to 'Philosophize This!' ( - particularly the multi-part series on the Frankfurt school.

    Interesting, informed and very accessible to a non-philosophy educated brain.

  • The premise sounds terrible...but... The Adventure Zone is great, 3 brothers and their dad playing Dungeons and Dragons. The same guys also do another one called My Brother, My Brother and Me which is also very funny

  • The Worst Idea of All Time, 2 comedians from New Zealand watching and then reviewing the same shit film once a week, every week for a year.

  • I listened to all 6 or so hours of the Moors Murders series and then all 3ish hours of the Yorkshire Ripper series of Casefile on one drive once. Ended up sleeping in the back of a van in a Swiss service station, freezing and absolutely terrified, unable to fall asleep for ages, despite having driven there from Leeds. Fond memories.

  • I quite like Last Podcast On the Left, although the older episodes are quite hard to listen to I find. Partly because they're not as well researched but mostly because they're quite offside, particularly some of the accents they put on.

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Recommend me a podcast

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