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  • My commute to work takes about an hour, and frankly I am getting a little bored of the same music.

    Any ideas on a good podcast/podcasts to listen to? My commute is on a dedicated cycle track so I can safely listen to it.

    Any subject is welcome, maybe something to get me thinking!

    I have tried some from the BBC, but they are mostly 30 mins long, and if I am honest do get a little boring.

    Sound quality is also important, although I know that with podcasts this can vary greatly.

    many thanks in anticipation............

  • Kermode and Mayo?

  • Why not try some free, serialised audiobook novels from

  • One hour shows -

    This American Life
    Four (or so) episodes of The Moth.

  • The BBC In Our Time podcast with Melvyn Bragg - History, science, philosophy, and an hour long

    Are you a techy?
    Angry Mac Bastards
    This Week in Tech
    This Week in Google
    Mac Break Weekly

    Transmissions From Beyond: short stories from TTA, Black Static, Interzone.

    Also worth a mention:
    Skeptics with a K
    The Pod Delusion

  • Football Ramble FTW

  • One hour shows -

    This American Life
    Four (or so) episodes of The Moth.


    Also PRI selected shorts are pretty good. (All are short stories, the Moth ones are normally quite humourous.)

  • One of the best podcasts I've ever heard was The Moth episode with Steve Osborne - Walk Like A Cop, Talk Like A Cop, he's a NYPD officer with 20 years on the street.

    Best podcast ever was This American Life - The Break Up, heard it the week before my wife and I finally parted company as we were going through a divorce. Bittersweet shit...

  • Ned Boulting/Matt Rendall's Real Peloton is the best pro-cycling podcast out there. Often shambolic, but all the better for it.

  • some good recomendations that I will have to research, thanks. Ste_S, where can I find that? I also listen to the Two Johns podcast (about bikes) which took a few listens but now I really like.

  • Found it and downloaded one for a trial...

  • Jay & Silent Bob get old... the first 6 or 7 episodes are great... after that it's just dick & fart jokes.

    The Tom Green Podcast is good.... especially the one with Bobcat Goldthwait.

    I'm also a fan of Bill Burr's Monday Morning podcast.

  • Got the Jay and Silent Bob podcast, yeah agree that after the first couple it just got silly.........

  • Guardian football and tech podcasts are great

    Radio 4 friday night comedy podcast is also amazing

  • Anyone got any tips for radio stuff what I can downlerd to me ayeperd for t'listen ter, so as I can get some fuckin' shut eye like? Like comerdy podcasts 'n that?

  • on the mix , they disobey me,

    what was the question?

  • I wants some new comerdy podcasts for me ayeperd for t'listen ter so as to get me off ter on t'nod off

  • This'll send you to sleep pronto...­

  • ^ fuck off. In Our Time is awesome. And Melvin's undertone of frustration with at least one of his guests any given week keeps me on edge week.

    And comedy podcasts keep me up when I listen to them while going to bed.

  • Anyway, podcast thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • I wants some new comerdy podcasts for me ayeperd for t'listen ter so as to get me off ter on t'nod off

    An audio version of the football thread. Some proper jokes to be had there.

  • Try story books

    Sherlock holmes is a good one

  • i know it's a bit cliched but some of the ricky gervais and stephen merchant stuff is pretty funny especially when they are picking on carl pilkington

    and carl pilkington is as surreasl as they come sometimes some of the stuff he says

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Recommend me a podcast

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