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  • Has anyone used Plantlocks?­ts/plantlock.html

    My girlfriend has to leave her bike outside in our courtyard so wants something to secure it to.

  • It looks nice, but I bet a proper anchor would be a better solution.

    One of my neighbours fitted a proper big arse anchor cemented into the pavement to lock his moped.

  • Obviously you'd have to use a chain.

  • Seen the plant locks about, good idea but pretty 'spensive and I'd be slightly dubious of their strength.

  • One of "us" had his bike stolen while locked onto the plant thingy.

    I'm sure it's easier to cut through the rack than a proper d-lock.

  • Got them fitted at one of the schools I work with, ideal there as they're heavy enough not to be easily removed, and are nicer looking than hoops and a canopy in what is a small space, and it's unlikely someone is going to be targetting kids bikes outside the school office once locked to them.

    Personally, wouldn't want to lock my pride 'n joy to one frequently in a place that would be easiy for the public to access (e.g. someone with a portable angle grinder).

  • Plantlocks are very good. I can thoroughly recommend them, as I have seen them in use in many locations. Plus, the guys who run the company are very nice people and it's another successful Hackney product. :)

    If you can't secure anything to the ground, it's a good solution. The disadvantages are clear, and I wouldn't use it for long-term parking if your courtyard is too exposed (e.g., people can see the bike parked in there through a gate or something like that). Is there enough space for a full-size bike locker (assuming you'll be there for a while or have a sympathetic landperson)?

  • do they haz peppery rocket versions? or am i getting ths wrong?

  • You can have any colour as long as it's green.

  • plant what you like J. probably not great for spuds or fruit trees though...

  • fuck yeah! rocket it is in a matter of weeks, grows like a weed, and twenty times more addictive

  • Those plant locks might be more aesthetically pleasing than an anchor (i don't find it so...) but come on, how long to hack saw/grind through that mild steel?

    Anchor FTW!

  • Plantlocks sounds like an unreleased Peter Tosh album, not that there's anything wrong with that...

  • I used to work on exmouth market and those plant locks were pretty much the only form of bike locking on the road.
    I dont know anyone who has had bikes stolen from them as a direct result of their failure.

  • But... It can be easily kicked over and chucked on the back of a van together with the bike.

  • Also the actual rails become loose and can be pulled up out of the pot

  • Those plant locks might be more aesthetically pleasing than an anchor (i don't find it so...) but come on, how long to hack saw/grind through that mild steel?

    Anchor FTW!

    its not mild steel, its a hardened steel alloy which is apparently better than your average d-lock.

  • my bad - didn't see the spec sheet just scanned the page.

  • we've got them at work and lock stuff to them all the time (middle of an estate in e&c). we've had stuff stolen but never from breaking these. only shit locks.

  • I think I may buy one and bolt it into the floor.'an anchor is not really practical as I'm not allOwed to drill into the actual building and having it on the floor would mean I'd have to buy a chain rather than the DLocks we already have. Thanks for all your thoughts.

  • I've considered getting one but concerned about it 'going walkies' .

  • YouTube - PlantLock Strength Test

    what's the point of that video if you don't take an angle grinder to it?

  • this weekend I had my tout terrain bike, plantlock and abus lock removed broad daylight from the area in front of my house into a van I presume. they did not bother with trying to break the lock (would def need an angle grinder or more) but took the whole lot after removing some plants.

  • ^ that's not good, sorry to hear.

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