Your Garmin help, please

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  • So the issue with routes crossing and it getting confused just happens. Normally it'll sort its shit out, sometimes if it's annoying me, I'll restart the route and it should pick up without the confused bit.

    Regarding elevation, that's normal. Different software - RWGPS, Connect, etc all use different maps with different elevation data to get the total climb values. Then the unit records its shit based off barometric pressure or something else anyway. You can make it more accurate in RWGPS by having more points dropped down (ie. use Trace) but I tend to take elevation with a pinch of salt. Sometimes it'll be way higher, sometimes way lower.

  • I couldn’t say really. Was on my list of things to try and have done it now and on a quick check all the info reads as it does on Ride With GPS so hopefully that’s sorted it, thanks. Wasn’t bothered about the differing numbers across the different services as always assumed they pull their data from multiple data sources but was just more to show how massively out of place the route preview was compared to all of the others. This route sort of crosses over as the way in and out of London is pretty much the same so hopefully won’t have any issues there.

  • Where is the best deal on an edge 130 plus please?
    (It's the smallest unit that does power right?)

  • you know on wahoo, you see people who use wahoo on the map screen like 'Dan M'. Wtf am I supposed to do with that info?!

  • etrex 20 master race


  • ah, just looked up the history behind that meme.
    i'll be deleting that from the post and my vocabulary. thanks for the tip.

  • New Garmin 530 used here, impressed by the battery life so far. I got it to last 30h over 8 rides, 2/3 of the time on map screen with always a route loaded but not turn by turn navigation nor map cues. Ok, I had no sensors connected, nor phone connection, but 30h is awesome for multiday rides!

  • Just got a Garmin 810, have dowloaded and copied the open street maps gmapsupp file into a folder called Garmin on a 64gb SD card.

    Wrench Icon > Activity Profiles > Your activity profile name > Navigation > Map > Map Information/Select Map > Select “Openfietsmap Lite” and choose Enable

    Problem is i dont see that file ^

    Any suggestions?

  • not too sure what your question is , are you looking for the filename or the map name.

    they are not the same thing.

    did you rename the file you copied or did you just over write your existing gmappsupp.img file??

    for example my garmin top level folder holds several maps, the file name is not the map name.

  • Did you restart the unit after copying the file to the SD?

    Was the file called gmapsupp.img (ie, did it have the correct filename extension?)

    If that's correct, a new map should appear in the list of maps for you to Enable.

  • This is the folder/file on the SD card. Ive tried factory resetting it but the map doesnt appear in the list to enable

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  • Does this Garmin already recognise you have an external SD? ie. has it been set to save rides there already?

    Is the SD formatted in whatever they require? Maybe FAT32

  • Dont know to either, I can check the formatting but dont see where in the Garmin menu to save rides to the SD card

  • oh ok, i found it - it is recording to memory card now

  • After a restart is it picking up the map yet?

  • exFAT format. there's a joke in there somewhere

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  • "Cards larger than 32 GB (for video recording) are typically formatted in exFAT. "­YaMzfRLI8SE5KmrY9k27

    Have you tried formatting the card in the Garmin? (I may have imagined this is a thing but I had a feeling you could do it on some Garmins?)

    Also, can you try another map file? ie. it's possible your .img is fucked, so maybe create another one of a small area using Generic Routable and see if that works.

  • It needed to be formatted as fat32 and now I have this

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  • i can go riding now
    i can go tile bagging too
    i can navigate to pubs, although that was never a problem before

  • I use 64mb cards. I don't remember how I format them though. They generally get done and then live in the device.

  • Looks like the one in the Edge1000 is FAT32.

    Anyway, just in case anyone forgot. #hippyisalwaysright

  • Has anyone had their power button disappear on their Garmin 800? Mine split in half and then fell out. Just have to insert house keys or sunglasses arm into the hole to turn it on but it's pretty annoying and seems inevitable to be a right nightmare when it rains.

  • Not on my 800 but I have this on my 1000.

    I contacted Garmin and they don't do spares, they just offered me a cheaper upgrade.

    I now just use it on the turbo and turn it on/off with the nearest allen key/pen/etc

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Your Garmin help, please

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