Your Garmin help, please

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  • They offered 30% off RRP for another unit. This would put the 1030 at £350, which is what I bought my current 1030 for off here so I'm not exactly excited by that deal.

  • Strange that they offer different deals, I would expect that everyone receives the same deal.

  • Maybe I haven't whinged enough yet.

  • I don't remember if it was this forum or another but someone else had the same problem and just kept on telling garmin it wasn't a good deal (or something like that) and eventually the garming guy gave up and put him through to his manager and they gave him a better deal. Worth trying.

  • I'll just keep batting it back to them and see what happens.

  • I think that was me - Here

  • yes! disappointing that garmin has that bad customer service really.

  • Is there anywhere (free) online I can create workouts for a Edge 800 and export in a .fit format?

  • Nope nothing. They've told me that without proof of purchase, receipt I guess I can't get a replacement.

    Beyond pissed off. Yet still looking at a new fenix.

  • Where did you buy it from? Online?

  • Their customer service is usually pretty good, I’d be tempted to give them a call to see if there’s anything they can do.

  • I've spoken to Garmin again and they have agreed to replace like for like.

  • Is there any way to get a route on to a Garmin 520 without plugging it in to a computer?

  • You can fetch/send a course from garmin connect from your phone.

  • Use Connect IQ (the Garmin app store) to put the Strava Routes app on your Garmin. Every route you have starred on Strava will pop up in the app available to download.

  • I couldn't get the Strava app to work, but did find a work around:

    1. Download gpx from ridewithgps
    2. Create route by logging in to the Garmin connect site and importing the file in the course creator section
    3. Route then appears in the Garmin connect app and can be synced to the device through bluetooth
  • Fyi you can avoid using a computer if you download the gpx file on your phone and open it with the Garmin Connect app

  • Just to update new fenix arrived - seems to work great, although battery life seems worse than I remember.

    Guess I'll just have to update it 100 times!

  • Am I doing something wrong in transferring routes to my 820? I make them in ridewithgps, download the gpx, put it in new files.

    They show up but calculating the route takes 4 minutes for a 37km route. Is this normal and am I just impatient?

  • Not normal.

    Gpx track?

  • Also, i just installed osm map (smaller) and that took the time down to 2 minutes. Still a bit slow but manageable.

    Still wonder how long a 100km file will take and how people who ride the transcontinental manage without going crazy(ier)

    Just tested a 100km gpx by someone else and it took 4 minutes to calculate. Seems weird and not the unit's fault but mine?

  • Complaints about the underpowered 820 being slow in this regard have been doing the rounds for ages - and I'm not sure if they ever really fixed it..­/cycling/f/edge-820/117569/loading-cours­es-in-edge-820-is-slow

    IMHO, if anyone ever completes the TCR using just an 820 they should be awarded the win by default for all the extra suffering they must have endured..

  • I meant are you using a gpx track, not tcx or other file type.

  • Jep, gpx file.

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Your Garmin help, please

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