Your Garmin help, please

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  • And yes... Fenix 6 rumoured for August 2019... so this price drop makes sense.

    But as the new one will be back at £500+ (likely higher) I still wouldn't buy it.

    Besides... a new Fenix 6 doesn't make the existing Fenix 5 less capable.

  • I'm enjoying the 530, one you get past the standard Garmin fuckery WRT Bluetooth and your telephone, it's quite impressive.

  • Bluetooth fuckery >>>>>>>> Ant+ fuckery

  • I've been trying for hours to update the map on my Edge Touring, different computers/internet connections and it always stalls/crashes and stops downloading.

    Is my best bet to install a map from Openfietsmap and forget about the official Garmin update? Conveniently it deleted my old map so I can't even go back to the one I was using before.

  • I would preferably get them at source and choose generic routable as opposed to routable bicycle, I find it clearer on screen.

  • Great, thanks both.

    I tried Garmin Express again and could see on Activity Monitor that it download2 the full 8gb but the progress bar is frozen at 2% and the application doesn’t do anything.

    I’ve given up on it now and am waiting for the Openstreetmap to copy. I’d forgotten how slow it is to copy data to a garmin via usb...

  • Thanks for posting this, useful stuff

  • You can clear the Garmin Express temporary files and try again.

  • For another time, if I need to copy large files to my garmins micro sd card I find it much quicker to put the card in my laptop to transfer files. Either using an sd card adaptor if your laptop has a slot or a usb micro sd card reader.

  • Garmin are running a ‘coffee and cake’ a 530 or 830 and you can claim a £50 pre-paid card thirty days after purchase.

    List of participating retailers here:­s

  • Anyone have this experience of the button on an 820 wearing away like this? If so what was the fix? Buying a wahoo?

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  • Haven’t found anything using search - has anyone found a good solution to the 1000 stopping charging? I’m guessing there’s something wrong with the USB port but it has stopped working very suddenly and it’s not obviuosult loose or dirty.

  • Anyone have this experience of the button on an 820 wearing away like this? If so what was the fix? Buying a wahoo?

    Not on an 820, but it's very common on the Edge 1000. It happened to mine after about four years, and to a lot of other people. The Edge 1030 has a redesigned power switch which isn't covered in rubber.

  • Anyone had this?

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  • Google has not yielded anything useful, so has anybody on here come across this:

    Running a course on Edge 810. Shows up fine, virtual rider arrow doing it's thing. However the written directions, e.g. 'head south' are the opposite to the route. The course was definitely being ridden in the direction it was created (v prominently noticed while riding the SDW east, and Garmin kept telling me to head west...)

    I'm not sure if it's related to not starting directly at the start point of the course (am saying 'no' to navigate to course start), or because it was created using gravel/unpaved routing which does have a habit of directing the course the wrong way through one way systems

  • What does the course arrow show?

  • Thats the one that isn't on the line of the route right? If I remember correctly that kept pointing back the way I'd come, even though the virtual rider (the outline arrow on the route?) was ahead of me, doing what I was doing.

    I've probably just got some terrible set up going on, I've never touched the navigation settings

  • It does sound very much like your course is going in the opposite direction to what you think it should be. Not too sure there is anything in the navigation settings to account for this, on some older Etrex devices there was an option to reverse the track AKA back to start.

    Can you post the fit file here?

  • Here it is - definitely starts west and finishes east on my Garmin account, but the whole way past Devils Dyke the garmin was telling me to head west

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  • I have pulled the track apart a little at one point the track doubles back on itself, see image.
    You would not see this on the device as the lines would all overlay each other.
    I can fix it and upload the result.

  • A workaround you may/may not be aware of: rather than navigate a route, you can set it to 'always show' on the map then just follow the line without navigation cues. Handy if you do want to ride a saved route in reverse.

  • Ah yes that might explain it. And by that point, the virtual rider was probably so far ahead of me it was off the screen. I do find the route creator in Connect a bit problematic, it often reaches a point where it won't let me adjust the route, and keeps moving the finish point to where I'm fiddling about.
    Thanks, but don't worry about fixing it - that was just the ride where I noticed the problem, I don't need it as a route so much

  • Ah, didnt know about that - thanks. I mostly use courses to try and find alternative routes to my usual daily stuff, as I tend to get lost easily. If I can keep my usual route showing on the map, than I can probably fuck about to and from it without ending up in a Blair Witch situation like usual

  • That looks really similar to how my problem started (pics a couple of pages back).

    I’d raise a support ticket with Garmin, email a photo and then phone to encourage them to replace it.

    (Failing that you can buy a replacement screen/front section for ~£35)

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Your Garmin help, please

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