Your Garmin help, please

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  • My Garmin 810 won’t get past the loading map page before switching itself off!
    With or without SD card.

    Recently added Europe map onto it.
    Any ideas?

  • Factory reset unless you can access the Garmin volume via computer, in which case you may be able to add/remove files until it works. Presumably you added the new maps to the device itself and not the SD card?

  • Thanks! Will try the factory reset first. Did make sure I added the map to the SD card. It worked for 1 ride then stopped working the next day

  • Anyone on old tech (fr910xt) having problems syncing with Garmin Express via Ant+ at the moment? Haven’t been able to sync since Monday.

    Have tried the usual; killing and restarting the Express app, ensuring ‘transfer all’ is selected, removing the Garmin unit from Express and re-adding.

    I suppose the only other option is a soft-reset?

  • You can go further and remove all the Garmin Express temporary files that in in %AppData% (ass u me ing Windoze).

  • I lied, it was ProgramData/Garmin folder. I was having issues with car Garmin and clearing contents of that may have helped download map update I think. May have nothing to do with sync problem, then again, maybe it'll cure cancer, who knows.

  • So I Googled 'Garmin FR910xt soft Reset' and followed the steps in the first result that Google displayed. Turns out these were the steps for a master reset, for fuck fucking sake!

    And yet it still didn't sync.

    I lied, it was ProgramData/Garmin folder

    Will give that a go, and failing that will try a re-install...

  • One of my old Garmin watches stopped syncing and never started again (regardless of trying multiple Ant+ sticks and multiple PCs). Possibly not the answer you wanted.

  • You'll all be glad to know that uninstalling, deleting every folder relating to Garmin, and then re-installing has fixed the problem. I can now get back to uploading my shit commutes!

  • Some 3rd party products like HRM sensors, doesn't work with the new Garmin 130.

  • Presumably BLE ones?

  • My 1000 decided to shit itself and reset.

    Now I can't get on WiFi. Says I need to go to some Garmin website to set it up. This site doesn't work.

    I pair with phone then go to device settings. App shits itself.

    Can someone just make it work?

    I hate it.

  • Tips for getting decent maps on the 520? I hadn’t twigged how small the internal memory was when I bought it, nor that there wasn’t an sd card slot. Compared to my old 705 where I could load an entire country map without issue, the thought of continually having to load little chunks of maps to cope with the c80mb file size is quite annoying. Is there any compromise where, for example, a map of se England with definition to B roads could be found at that sort of file size?

  • I think the short answer is no.

  • Non Cycling related, but I have a Garmin Nuvi 57 in my car, and it properly shit the bed yesterday. I ended up lost somewhere near Birkenhead because of it.

    It has always worked fine but at some point yesterday the screen froze, so the map wasn't updating. If I 'reset' it by holding the power button for 12 seconds then it switches back on and appears to be fine, until I try to navigate somewhere and then it freezes again.

    I have restored it to factory settings, but it's still fucked. I have also tried plugging it in to my laptop to update it but my laptop isn't registering that it's connected.

    Anyone else dealt with this before? Is it fubar?

  • Call Garmin support number (on their website) I've always found them good at making things right.

  • Similar issue on a cycling gps. Call them up, they will hopefully replace it (small cost of outside warranty).

  • Cheers - that was the plan for today anyway - but good to know they will replace.

    Annoyingly outside of warranty even though I have only been using it for 4 months - it spent the first year of it's life sat on a shelf having never been taken out of the box

  • I said hopefully. You might need to push them a bit. But just be nice and they should help.

    1 year 4 months old? That's still under warrenty, which is 2 years.

  • oh even better, I think I just assumed the warranty would be 12 months.

    Cheers - I'll give them a call when they open and see what they suggest

  • 2 years is an EU thing.­us/how-citizens-advice-works/citizens-ad­vice-consumer-work/the-consumer-rights-a­ct-2015/

    But also Sale of Goods Act 2015­/15/contents/enacted

    Garmin have been good whenever I called up, and I just told them about issues and they've just then offered to replaced.

  • nice one.

    I was on chat with them for an hour this morning whilst they made me do all the troubleshooting I had already done again with them on chat and eventually the battery died on the garmin so had to give up, will try again later once it has charged for a while.

  • Should have just said it isn't working can you replace it, I've done this all already.

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Your Garmin help, please

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