Your Garmin help, please

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  • TCX does both, it's what I used at the weekend.

    A nice line on the map, and turn by turn at the places I programmed.

  • I use GPX. I had issues with TCX on the 1000.

    On the etrex what @rhowe said makes sense and is what I was talking about with @skinny

    I was fairly sure it didn't turn TBT for preloaded tracks. It's just a case of follow the line.

  • @Señor_Bear where abouts are you? I'm riding to Suffolk on Friday so will be looking to replace my Garmin before then, assuming a miracle doesn't happen later today and the facilities guys get back to me and tell me someone handed mine in.

  • If you plan the route using RideWithGPS then the TCX files it gives you have coursepoints already added with the relevant 'turn left/right' etc. Also means you can use the 'distance to next' field which I find one of the most useful.

  • The Elemnt appears to require that you plot a course on RWGPS, anyone tried importing a ride from Strava route-planner into RWGPS, and if so did it work?

  • I thought one of the selling points was that all your strava routes sync with the Elemnt automatically anyway?­ory/accessories/gadgets/cycle-computers/­product/review-wahoo-elemnt-50304/

    "For Stravaheads, the Elemnt offers some cool integration, including automatic uploading of your Strava routes to the Elemnt"

  • Help!

    I plugged my Edge 705 in a PC and work to copy route over and now when I plug it in to my MacBookPro the device doesn't connect with Garmin Express not does it show up as an external drive. However it does charge so the cable is working. Does anyone know what's happened here and how i can fix it. Muchas Gracias.

  • Had similar in the past. Most of the time a reboot of the computer it won't talk to is all that's required.

  • I had this problem and it was a problem with the cable

    Not sure if some cables only charge while some do both charging and data transfer? Either way, once I used the official garmin cable it worked. Ive also got one cable that you have to push really hard in (euphh) or it will only charge and not data transfer.

  • Thanks apc,

    The cable I am using isn't an official Garmin one, but it's been working fine until now, even when I push it hard. I will see if I can get an official Garmin cable to test and I'll let you know.

  • also try this

    Force to Mass Storage -
    Turn unit off. Hold the lap/reset button while plugging the unit into the USB. Continue holding the lap/reset for 30 seconds and the unit should go to mass storage.

  • Anyone know how to split rwgps routes into smaller chunks?

  • Paid membership

  • Which one of the plan features is that?­ns

    Ride clean-up on the highest plan looks like it allows you to split an activity into separate activities (useful because I'm crap at remembering to reset between rides)... but it doesn't look like it allows you to split a route into multiple routes.

    Ah... actually ignore me, I've found it... it's on the Basic Plan:­nning-and-editing

    Which includes combining and splitting:­d-splitting-routes


  • but doesn't work when your gal is leaving you

  • I am a paid member of RWGPS.


    It doesn't let me "Save As". Do I need to be a higher level member or something?


    Hey there,

    William here. Thanks for writing in.

    It looks like you might be trying to save a new route from the route Edit screen versus the view screen:­ts/eKVUoe2l.png

    From your route library, make sure to select View route instead of edit:­ts/3P1OEyH9.png
    If you already in edit mode, you can select Save and View route.

    Thanks and let me know if you need anything else.


  • I am also a paid member of RWGPS and I still don't trust any of their tools to do what they say.

    I have (in the past) carefully edited a route, checked it end to end to ensure that it's correct, saved the new route with a new title, then gone out to ride it and found that it's still the old route.

    I now plot each route fresh, which is really annoying, but is the only way round this issue.

  • Worked for me.

    1. Open existing route
    2. Highlight the section you want to save as a new route in the route profile section under the map
    3. Click "Save As" in the route profile section
    4. Choose a name
    5. Now click "Routes" in the top navigation and you will see in your list of routes the segment was saved as a new route

    It's a bit odd, as I expected it to take me to the new route automatically, but hey... it worked.

  • I'd add:

    1. Go and actually ride it to find out if that worked
  • I've not had this. You have to wait for it to finish saving and display 'view your new route' though.

  • I don't have a save as button. I've emailed their support.

  • Yes, even after you've viewed your new route and confirmed that it's the one you want, it then saved the old route to my Garmin.

    All I'm suggesting is that you check that it works before you rely on it in anger, and you check it works by actually going out and following the route.

  • I like the idea of @hippy having to do a pre-ride across Europe to test that his route across Europe has been correctly edited.

  • I'd probably pick a smaller ride to test the functionality with, but who knows what a small ride counts as to Hippy?

  • he needs the practice

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Your Garmin help, please

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