Knowledge needed on F R Russell.

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  • Afternoon all,
    Anyone heard of F R Russell cycles?

    I'v just got my hands on an old track frame ( looks 60s ) and I'm after a bit of info on the marque if anyone can help as the internet yeilds nothing at all.

    All I know is it's a small shop in the Walsall area of the midlands so it's possible that the framebuilding side of the business was outsourced....?

    I will add up pics later on when I get home but I thought I may as well ask now while it's in my mind.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Google suggests they're still going:­cles.htm

    Trading for over 70 years, FR Russell Cycles is Walsall’s bike shop. Set up by Fred Russell in 1934, the shop is now managed by his son, Gordon and granddaughter Sue.

    F R Russell Cycles
    201 Stafford Street
    West Midlands
    WS2 8ED
    Telephone number 01922 626514

  • Personally, I wouldn't want to be Walsall's anything, but it takes all sorts I suppose.

  • I'm interested to see the FR Russell frame if possible, as (I think) I'm trying to track down a couple myself. Curious as to what the logos / style etc are like. Any chance of some pics?

    Also planning on speaking to the owner soon, could relay back a few details if I find any out.

  • Found this, though I have a feeling it might have been re-decal'ed:
    (Apologies on behalf of the naff photographer)

  • Gleaned a little extra information having spoken to the owner of F R Russell on a separate issue.

    Apparently they built the frames themselves in a workshop above the shop up until around 1964, at which point it wasn't really economical and they stopped doing it apparently. Just a local frame builder servicing the local racing scene by the sounds of things.

    The two frames I'm looking for are both identical in sizing, having been custom made for the same person, one was a road frame, the other a track frame, likely to be from F R Russell's and possibly made as far back as 1940.

    I know they're still out there and probably in a decent condition so any information I'd be interested to hear it.

    Good spot Paramounted - god knows how you found that, literally nothing comes up on searches.

  • I was a member of Walsall Roads C.C. In 1950's .I was not a time trial type more of a , as it was then called Massed Start. F.R. Russell know as Nutty
    Built me a frame to my spec. A jolly good frame it was too. He also built a
    Number of unicycles and bikes with eccentric wheels opposite steering,and
    all sorts of other weird combinations.
    I actually won a 10 ml club time trial, the only time trial I ever rode.
    I joined the then illegal B.L.R.C. Until motor cycles and girls took over.


  • Thanks for the interesting info about FR Russell frames, I found an old 531 frame recently although the decals are quite worn. I have just listed it on ebay as it is just too big for me but thought it might be of interest to someone here, the item number is 121752540254


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Knowledge needed on F R Russell.

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