2011-04-21 / 2011-05-06 - Hackney Drag Sprints

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  • Murts. You fancy it?

  • ha!

    and na!

  • Wests is dead...

    Drag sprints is gonna be sick blud

  • hackney??

  • Murt, stop being a snob. Thinnk of it as a colony of West London for a night if that helps but come along.

  • i don't go all the way to hackney

    hardly a snob :)

  • Yep, you better start your carb loading now.

    I've started baby. Oh boy have I started..

  • That poster for Hackney Drag seems awfully familiar...

    I guess imitation is form of flattery - http://www.theatredelicatessen.co.uk/blo­gs/post/2009/07/24/guardian-co-uk-blog-c­ycling-on-stage-pedal-pusher-is-theatric­al-revolution/

  • Who's the guy behind Thin Daddy Wayne?

  • Out, working. As per last year there should be a "no changing your ratio" rule.

  • 46x15 for me then. not going to have a quick start.

  • Yep, photo was appropriated from the above. Credit to Holly McGlynn for the photo from which the posters and spoke cards where derived and chapeau to producers of Pedal Pusher

  • actually on a previous hacnkey drag sprints thread it says 250m...

    I think you'll find that the distance is in the guesstimate scheme of things so to be honest, wouldn't have the foggiest how far it is although somewhere around 200-250m sounds about right

  • I just went to this...

    ... a day early, oops.

    Oh well it was good to go for a ride and drink some tinnies in the sun.

  • My knee feels much better, hopefully it will stay good till I get knocked out tomorrow. Really looking forward to tomorrow.

    moog you are a silly boy! Same tomorrow?

  • Oh, did I say TOMORROW enough there?

  • I've got a polo game so won't be there tomorrow.

  • Stone's throw from my gaff, bank holiday on Friday...

  • Moog I'm disappointed, braker what more reason do you need?

  • Braker you living East now? Thought you were a Westy.

  • I just had a tough day in Surrey, my legs are very tired and I don't think I'm gonna make it.

  • Braker you living East now? Thought you were a Westy.


    East London is an intriguing place. I dashed a handful of shillings in the face of a hobo this eve... the tears of joy in his eyes amused me greatly.

  • Teenslain always cries when he's happy

  • be grateful if people could take a few photos...I'll be manning the stopwatch so won't have time for such shenanigans

  • Bollocks. I am out. Work meeting. Not happy. Sorry Dov.

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2011-04-21 / 2011-05-06 - Hackney Drag Sprints

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