• Do they really make frames this big.

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  • Haven't we had that one before? I've seen someone on something about as big, but I can't remember the colour or if it was a Job's Back On. Perhaps inevitably now ridden by someone not quite as tall as the original owner.

  • Rad, but I’m on a strictly two bike rule now that we have the baba. @Crop you know what you need to do….

  • lovely bike, v nice indeed. The Focus track bike previous

  • Total dearth of modern mamil, big ht road bikes at the minute. Can't find anything. Where should I be looking apart from here/ebay?

  • Sometimes stuff comes up on Pinkbike, they've got an XXL category

  • hehe I won this...

  • I’m selling a XL(?) 61cm S-Works E5 Track / Langster in classifieds. Would suit a 6ft4”+ rider to tow the entire field round the velodrome;

  • @HHC

    Nice one. Enjoy ;)

    It looks like a Team PDM paintjob and was very likely built by Ciocc in Bergamo. Lovely frames.

    Good luck ever finding an original fork with a long enough steerer, but then again I'm sure a Columbus Minimal would look 👌

  • Anyone recommend a gravel frameset that comes up big enough for 2 metre tall rider? Canyon Grails are all OOS and Soma and Gunnar cost a fortune in shipping.

  • fuji jara

    sp diverge

  • Thanks, hadn't seen the fujis before

  • I actually know who rides this bike. He's an eccentric fella often wearing chainsaw boots with an eye for art. I'm taller than him (6'8") and even I would be dwarfed in its cavernous triangle.

  • Don't suppose anyone is on the look out for a large steel audax/endurance/winter bike? I've got this that's a tad too big for me that I'm looking to move on.

    It's 64cm seat tube, 61cm top tube. Can send full geometry info over if requested. Reynolds 725, 1 1/8th headtube. It's great and super stiff and I love it but sadly I think it is just a bit too big and I'm looking for something smaller. Bought it off the original owner and happy to send over all the original paperwork from Argos.

    Based in Bristol.


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  • Interested, geometry sounds spot on! PM incoming

  • Still available if any other interest

  • Very nice, a disc version of mine with a bigger head tube!

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  • That's lovely - especially with the panelling. If you fancy a disc version let me know - it's got glitter paint!

  • Hahah I’m a sucker for glitter paint but I’m 64cm diverge hunting now!
    My Argos is the same tubing etc. I’ve had it since 2011 when it was built for me and I love it. Whoever gets that glittery beauty is a lucky man!

  • Might consider selling this frame. 63cm Koga Miyata Flyer. Internal rear brake cable. 57cm top ctc. FM-1 and FM-2 tubing. It's in North Devon but you could arrange pickup. £170? It is immaculate as possible to be after build. Done 4 miles. Change of plans. Whole bike is on Potenza with RS11 wheels (needs shiny wheels IMHO) Shimano casssette 11-32. Maybe whole bike but don't want to ship as no box etc.
    Fresh powder coat in Malbec, sort of translucent. Good headset.

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  • Just popped this up for sale if anyone is interested: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3649­03/#comment16046239

  • Hi All, I have a 64cm Dawes Galaxy Tourer that I need to shift. Circa 1995, it’s in pretty much new condition. Just a tiny bit of rust round one of the holes for the bottle cage and a few little scratches. I bought it on eBay but have decided that I’m not keen on the set up (handle bar shifters) and it would be a shame to rebuild it...or indeed to be locked up to the outside of the narrow boat I live on. I’m hoping to get £435 for it, which is what I paid. I’m in Hackney. Collection only I’m afraid. Many thanks! Rich x

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  • there is an xxl Rose on ebay at the moment, looks good

  • there is an Axl Rose on ebay at the moment, looks good

    Fixed your obvious typo for you.

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Wanted: The large frames for sale thread 25" or 64cm what have you got?

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