• 62cm GT GTB $500

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  • Selling this Ridley Helium frame soonish.


    61cm frame XL Ridley Helium - Belgian Blue.

    600 TT 230 HT

    Really light for size.

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  • Looking for a complete bike - single speed or geared - on a budget. My mate's keen to get cycling, just sent me a link to a bike he was considering and it was an absolute disgrace, so said I'd ask here. He's 6"5 so pretty big, but not going to be looking for an aggressive position. Anyone got a beater they're looking to move on?

  • I just posted https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3347­65/newest/

    I'm 6'7 and found it comfortable

  • Ah, thanks mate, looks great but definitely after something more city-orientated! Cheers

  • I could be tempted to part with this--ratty 531 frame, fixed free rear hub, 105 octalink cranks 172.5 I have a rolls saddle if you want instead of the green Fabric one in the pic.

    Not in London so will have to post unless you wanna come to Dartmoor

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  • Thanks mate - definitely interested although my mate is looking at another bike this weekend I think so I'll be in touch if that doesn't go through. Could you let me know what you'd want for it? Annoyingly I was down in Dartmoor last week and could have picked it up!


  • Trouble will be with the postage costs, about £30 for a complete bike I think, so £70 for the bike takes it to £100all in unless you can suggest a cheaper courier?

  • Not useful for the purpose of this thread, but I just came across someone riding the largest diamond frame I've ever seen--must have been close to 70cm.

  • Big 653 Reynolds Ribble.

    I'm tempted by this 25" Pat Hanlon but can't justify it and don't have the room. The super rare Campag badged Brooks saddle has got to be worth a few quid.

  • I've been looking around for a Condor Fratello in 61cm for a while now after missing one on here and regretting it. By any chance does anyone have one they're thinking of parting with? Thanks

  • Litespeed t5g XL. Brand new Stayer rims laced to hope pro 4 with sapim cx ray spokes, full hydro ultegra 6800.
    Full bike £2000
    Or the frameset with CK headset and stainless Hope BB £900

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  • £900 quid for the big lads.

    Custom colour Italia RC.

    Dura Ace gruppo

    HED Ardennes.

    Total weapon of bike with super fun geometry.

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  • Oof! do not need another road bike but this looks mega

  • Treat yourself.

  • I've got a ratty part-build for sale here. 62 x 58 ctc, it's probably slightly too big for me, so one for the 6'1"/185cm and above crew. I ran it fixed, but it could be geared-up.

  • tandem anyone?? 27 1/2" front and 19" .

  • Your tandem or are you tempted? It'd be a good fit for me and either Mrs Nonowt or Nonowt Jr but alas I can't see them being excited by the idea.

  • Neither, we bought it! First task, get it across the country to London

  • Excellent! Looks a versatile set up - hope you get many miles out of it (starting with a ride back from Wales?!). With the nonstandard sizing it was possibly hand built by Andy Thompson himself. He appears over on retrobike from time to time under the moniker fetch (or something similar).

  • My 62cm Niner RLT Steel frame for sale here. I'm 6'4". Cheers


  • This Geoff Roberts is a decent size but probably overpriced in the current market.

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Wanted: The large frames for sale thread 25" or 64cm what have you got?

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