Best cyclocross bike under £1000 and other CX chat

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  • Just got the info about my cycle to work and its the halfords one. Been looking at cx bikes for a while and had been planning on trying to get a deal on a Jake the snake, however looking at the boardman it seems well specced and I'm not too fussed about brand snobbery......Will probably white out the downtube anyway.

    Just wanted to know if anyone has one or has ridden one, and what they thought?

  • All I can says is that after seeing one in our shop, it look very impressive for the money, just beware of the cowboy mechanic of bikehut/halfords, that's why we have one in for a stage 1 service after 3 months.

  • I've not ridden one myself but they seem to get consistently good reviews from the press. The spec is very good for the price too.

  • not bad at all...i have a friend with one and she swears by it.

  • Read some reviews they seem positive. Not a fan of the extra brake levers, will they be complicated to remove? Obviously any other shop I would ask them to remove them first, as its halfords I don't right fancy them messing with the stoppers! I will also be giving the bike a once over to ensure everything is Noice and toight. Looking forward to cranking out some canal miles on it.

  • Report back after you've had it for a while- I'm after a crosser for everyday use, and this looks to be quite nice.

  • I had a Kona Jake before that was lovely, but a bit small........Ive now built an old Paul Milnes CX frame up for canal path duties......The Boardman's are always good VFM......

    As for the crosstop levers, try them! I loved mine and used them more than the normal levers on the drops.......I ride on the tops 90% of the time anyway

  • If you want a single speed (a wild shot in this forum) the Kona Major One is a great bike with a very nice frame. Don't think they sell them anymore so would need to look out for a discounted old stock example.
    I also dislike cross top levers, possibly because I never ride with my hands on the tops (I am on the hoods or in the drops at all times) but to remove them will need new cable outers at minimum and careful unwrapping of bar tape to avoid new bar tape.

  • I will give the levers a go at first... I was originally tempted by the idea of a fixed/SS cx bike after doing some impromptu muddy miles on my fixed. I also wanted a more modern road bike though as well and for the mileage I'm planning on doing on the cx, gears make more sense, and I'll prolly get a spare wheelset with some slicks for if I want to use it on the road.

  • So....

    They don't have any left, and they don't know if/when/what the 2011 range is going to arrive/feature...

    I only have a window of 3 weeks to apply and don't want to leave it till the last minute.

    They said they can source bikes from most manufacturers, excluding planet x, wiggle and other own brand types.

    They have the kona jake for £870...! I know there are better spec'd CX machines out there for under a grand, so please, any suggestions?


  • Cannondale CAADX 105, £999.

  • That's what I was going to buy.

  • +1 CAADX 105. Looks bargainous, too.

  • That looks sexual!

    I don't mind waiting for it to arrive, won't be using the canal until the days get longer anyway.

  • Only issue is availability- thats why I gave up on getting one, but they might be in the country now.

  • On your bike London Bridge have them.

  • I'll add my voice to the Cannondale CAADX chorus. A high quality frame for a very good price.

  • Yeah I'm going to ring Halfords tomorrow and see if they can get me one... hope so.

  • Damn you all- you've made me really want to get that Cannondale again.

  • I don't know why you were consiedering the Boardman... I hadn't come accross the dale... Looks like a similar spec (or better as it's shimano?) for same money, and it's a dale not a fords?

  • Similar spec, but 105 or Rival? Rival is supposed to be a notch above 105, but 105 will probably take more of a battering - if you listen to the comments on Bikeradar. Probably just a matter of taste between the two bikes at the end of the day, they both look like fun rides for the money. Jealous whichever you choose.

  • The boardman is about a kilo lighter though!

    Mixed reviews on the sram stuff, I haven't tried it myself.

  • I'd take the Cannondale over the Boardman- but I like Cannondales, still have one and had three of them at one point.

    It might be me convincing myself/snobbery but I would say that the Cannondale will have the better frame, and that's always more important to me than the bits.

    For example very soon the only parts left on my System Six that were original will be the cranks and the brakes. Frame is normally the last bit you change, so best get a good one from the off.

    I'd prefer it if the CAADX had Rival for £999 as I've just taken Ultegra/Dura-Ace off my System Six and replaced it with Force, but it doesn't, so no point crying about it.

  • The boardman is about a kilo lighter though!

    it's a fully carbon frame, which is why it's such a good value for money.

    SRAM is more of a love/hate thing, it take you a while to get used to their shifter which is quite different to your usual campag/shimano one.

    the hood I feel is much more comfortable than the campag/shimano one.


    Has to be a consideration.

    A couple of friend s have them and love them to bits.


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Best cyclocross bike under £1000 and other CX chat

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