Proper selvedge jeans

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  • Ironheart 21’s we’re getting a bit grubby after a year and 5 months so gave them their first soak/wash earlier. Not tons of fading so far but they’re getting started. They’re definitely holding up better than the floor paint.

    Joined by Mars while taking some photos so here’s one of him too

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  • Washing = fades.

    Not washing = not fades.

    The best faded jeans will always come from washing.

  • Need to get those contrast areas set in first though. Now that they’ve been washed once it’ll be a far more regular occurrence.

  • Yeah, fair, I'm not into high contrast fades/I don't wear jeans that will fade that way so I don't think I've ever waited more than 6 months after buying something to wash them.

  • Have an older pair of loose weave, heavily textured Pure Blue Japan jeans that still haven’t made it into the wash at probably 2.5 years now.

    I like them too much and it’s a bit daunting as I don’t want to ruin them. Absolutely ridiculous lengths to go to for something as hard wearing as denim

  • I got a pair before Christmas and they're great - smelt a bit Shawshank but that washed out

  • With lockdown I’ve worn them less than normal but still over 50 times I reckon

  • Indeed.

    But one with a silky smooth gooch

  • Fair. I guess another factor to consider is 50 wears now, where you might be more stagnant, movement wise, is not the same as 50 wears when you're walking around and at work and stuff. Just something to consider.

  • TCB 20’s arrived and have a much lower rise than I was expecting. Bit disappointed so they’re going back.

    In other denim woes, I washed two pairs of iron hearts together, was super careful with delicate mode, 30 degrees and no spin and both fuckers still shrank.

  • Fair point.

    I’ve been deliberately wearing whenever going out, walks in the local woods etc but really not the same as all day wear.

    Will persevere

  • They often give with wearing again.

  • Another bump­ for the chinos before they go on the bay

  • Too bad, 34 or 32 is what I use.

  • My Hiuts are marginally too big - they fitted great when I first received them, but have slackened off, or I've lost weight. They could probably do with being 0.5-1" smaller in the waist. They are also due their first wash fairly soon. Is there a process will they shrink slightly when I wash them, or is there a process whereby I can shrink them.

  • Higher temps and higher spin will shrink but some of that may relax out again with wear.

  • I find the whole "They'll shrink when you wash them" spiel some shops give you is nonsense. When I've bought jeans that I can barely button up in the shop they've relaxed into a great fit after a few wears. Every wash takes them back to 'almost too small' but then they relax again.

  • This ^ give em a wash and they'll be back and snug fitting

  • I keep telling myself the "almost too small" is because of the wash. But the first hour or so sometimes results in "I should maybe run a bit more".

  • Also was googling fancy demin detergents at £20 a bottle last night. Is this just snake oil and I should use liquid soap flakes or some other mild detergent?

  • I have a bunch of Mr Black denim wash which I picked up at a sample sale for £1 a bottle. Not sure it's anything special vs a decent detergent

  • Well they do shrink, but it's far more noticeable in length, which doesn't get stretched out again.

  • ^ Absolutely this, have had to give up on my jeans as they are now just too short. Real pisser as they were softening nicely (or I was hardening up).

    So, anyone want a washed once in cold water pair of Unbranded UB301 in 38” waist (don’t judge me). They have only the tiniest fades by the knees (half inch maybe), in great nick and are really nicely made with copper buttons. I kind of like the zero branding too. Oh yes, and never used with turnups so all legit at the bottom of the leg.

    Thinking £25 posted and will put up photos later.

  • Here we go with a few photos, 38” waist x 32” leg (so now at least two inches short for me)

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  • Here we go with a few photos, 38” waist x 32” leg (so now at least two inches short for me)

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Proper selvedge jeans

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