Proper selvedge jeans

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  • Send in to them for a repair

    Though I find them so heavy I dont like loading the pockets as I find they start sliding down. I am getting more and more cpo, jacket shirts with pockets and am about to get a Stormy Kromer western vest so I can carry things.

  • Iron Heart fanny pack?

  • Ha. I know exactly what you mean. If I ever go back to selvedge, I’m gonna have to accept they’re going to be a loose fit/look shit. I’ve got big legs and a big arse and tapered jeans like the ED55 look best, but any amount of movement is a mare.

    Makes me lol. I’ve deffo had the same experience of getting angry and taking my jeans off exactly as you described.

  • Doesn’t appeal. I have a Filson tin cloth vest which is my go to garment for out doors but I can leave a waxy residue so don’t wear it inside.

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  • Just looked at their site. Forget denim, I want the 3d Mexican skull blanket!

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  • Dad jeans next?

    Uniqlo selvedge has a touch of lycra in it.

  • That's just not happening. I consider myself a modern man, but not that modern. What's next, sweatpants with the little penis tent on show?

  • I cant stand trousers that are too stretchy either. [/golidlocks]. I bought a couple of pairs of Levis dockers that I thought would do for work last year. They're so stretchy that they don't even ride up at the ankle when you sit down, you just feel them booooing out like a pair of baggy fucking tights. I felt naked from the waist down. Eww eww eww.

  • I remember when Uniqlo first arrived in the UK and it was described as The Gap for Japanese salarymen and they stocked green edged selvedge in proper Yakuza enforcer sizes of like 42X29

    Mad how they crept towards FASHION

  • I’d say fashion crept towards uniqlo and it’s perfectly understandable.

  • green edged selvedge in proper Yakuza enforcer sizes of like 42X29

    that conjures up a brilliant image...

  • Pisti’s size I believe

  • arf!

  • Cargo pants.

  • That’s my go to these days, specifically Leo Kohler.

  • Ha! A ex-colleague of mine was staff in one of the first UK store and she did mention something about sizes. Now I can picture it better.

    @kboy find me a better pair of trousers anywhere near that price.

  • As a fellow traveller of the short and fat stocky kind I loved them and USA made Carhartt that was fitted to stumpy midwestern farmers and had to be slimmed down for the Euro WIP products.

  • Oooof! £465 for the look! Way too much leather accessorising going on here. Anyone bought?

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  • So many details. Feels like they've got lost adding random bits to their clothes

  • Some lovely stuff in there, would've jumped on this twenty years ago... The type II jacket is lovely, only slightly spoiled by the slit pockets...

  • WTF are they? Chain cleaners?

  • They all put those pockets on, shocking...

  • just ordered naked & famous new purple core jeans... the red/green core ones looked really good when faded down to the core so hoping the purple works too!

  • 🤔🤔🤔

  • yeah, it's a little more subtle than the green/red ones...

    ordered them from their NYC store... bought from there before. The only real issue I have is N&F sizing is all over the place, like a 36 is different on almost all my jeans so you really do need to read their tables (But yay for them giving the REAL sizes too!)

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Proper selvedge jeans

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