2012 Olympic Road Race

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  • The Road Race Course has now been finalised, time to start setting some lap times?

  • yeah, after you- let us know how you got on, aim for about 6 hours.

  • yeah, after you- let us know how you got on, aim for about 6 hours.

    Is that allowing for traffic :)

  • damn beat me to it. seriously though would love a preview of this. wonder if they are going to do a closed road version for us normos...

  • It would be nice if they published a version that gave precise roads - possibly even one downloadable onto a Garmin. The detail around Box Hill is confusing.

  • i think you need to go up it

  • several times apparently...

  • They should have turned left when they came into RP . Going clockwise is much more fun.

    As for Bo Hill I heard that they were going to do it a 'few' times. Anyone know if that's true?

  • Going clockwise is much more fun.

    No way, as with bike porn.. anti is way more fun.

    Hold on. Do they miss sawyer's hill?

  • yeah according to this


    going round it a few times to make up the miles

  • summer ride when the evenings get longer ?

  • have emailed to see if there is a map down to road level...
    (and yes asked about a garmin version cliveo)

  • Let's hope they resurface and get rid of the speed bumps on the ZigZag and get a few more people to serve at the NT Cafe at the top. It would be sad if Cav lost due to having to queue for a flapjack.

    Does the route from Putney Bridge to RP go by the Marc Bolan tree and past the Priory? The Priory is a must in order to get photo opportunities of celebrity spectators.

  • No Whitedown?


  • this follows my exact commuting route from teddington to fulham!

    I wonder if many of the riders will be sporting Tribars to represent the Richmond Park 'look'

  • I wonder if many of the riders will be sporting Tribars to represent the Richmond Park 'look'

    they'll probably still get stuck behind a bunch of london dynamo cunts.

    i'm going to be on box hill. watching, waiting. might get a caravan there, and all of my family, make a fortnight of it, Ventoux style.

  • some guys have mapped out the route as best they could already on trailzilla


  • It passes about a mile from the end of my road. As it goes past the Dorking cockerel as well I can forsee some mildly amusing "enormous cock" jokes in the commentary.

  • the route is a familiar ride for me (minus the laps of box hill), shame it doesn't include sawyers hill or whitedown though.. it will be interesting to see how they organise the rolling road closures, no doubt find out on 14 august..

  • During the Olympics themselves, they will simply close all the roads for most of the day. To do otherwise would be a security nightmare.

  • Oppurtunity for a forum meet up perhaps?

  • was going to say, those with the knowledge, where's the best place to watch the road race on this route, and obviously there's got to be a forum roll out to this point.
    or is it jam packed into the mall to watch the winner sweeping over the line??

  • I'm guessing Box Hill is going to be very busy, but the first switchback on the zig zag road would be cool.

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2012 Olympic Road Race

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