• It arrived today, it's a bit of a beast! A lot bigger than photos make it look.
    I can see why they slimmed it down now, at the expense of battery.

  • It arrived today, it's a bit of a beast!

    Just a bit!

    Not sure of your setup, but I use these, mounted under the handlebars, which keep the camera up front and out of the way of my knees.

  • I've a SLX endurace with carbon aero bars, so nothing works simply.
    I need an adaptor to go on my outfront garmin mount, the one where I also want to put the dynamo.

  • Is the Garmin mount plastic?

  • Yes. You think it will snap under the weight of this thing? Maybe so

  • Yes. You think it will snap under the weight of this thing? Maybe so

    Nah, but it'll vibrate and bounce like crazy. Sorry, but you'll need a metal mount...

  • Does one exit?
    If you know of one let me know. Or I'll resourt to a Google.

  • I'm sure K-Edge do something. Will have a look

  • £20 from Raceware Direct -
    or would this work? (£50!)

  • 20 quid job will do.
    I'll then mount the dynamo light under the garmin out front, as that's only 100g.

    thanks a lot

    Edit: I emailed them, as I have a H31 bar, not the H11 as listed for.

    Maybe I will sugru a garmin mount to the underside of the bars. Then get a gopro to garmin mount. That way I don't have to unscrew the bolt gopro mount every day. Which will get boring.

  • Apeman for commutes, no good for long rides but so far as I know, none are.
    Now, read my posts or I will set you on fire.

  • Having avoided caving a vertically challenged driver’s head in purely by the virtue of having a broken hand this morning, I would like to get one of the cheap Cycliq cams off eBay. If only to stop me from losing my temper when I’m in the right. The only issue (other than my repressed anger) is I regularly lock my bike up in town for up to an hour. Is the standard mount easy enough to release or is it so much of a ballache that I’m better getting something helmet mounted and going full douchebag?

  • The rear camera is velcro stapped mount. But I just leave the mount on, it's pretty unnoticable

  • I did a 5h ride ones. So basically all my rides are 7hs.

  • I have the k-edge one. Nice but pricey.

  • I have a Cycliq mount that came with the camera, from sports pursuit. Garmin on the top, camera underneath.

    Probably really expensive on its own

  • A V2 cycliq?
    My c1 didnt

  • Thanks. How about the front one? That's the one I'm considering as a first dipping-of-toe into cameras.

  • That's what were all talking about!

    It's a go pro style screw mount. And can me mounted to different places on different brackets.

  • Ah. Forgiveness please

  • No sweat.

    I bought a rear first. On the basis I can see what's it front. It reported several drivers.

    I've not got a rear. As I had a driver spead up through a give way and I only missed them because I anticipated. I would have been KOd. So now I need a front, as evidance at the trial when I do get killed.

  • V1. Got it a couple of years ago. £150 for the camera and mount, I think

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Cycle Cameras / Helmet Cams (GoPro, Drift, Veho, Contour, Fly6, Fly12, SJCAM, Apeman, 1080p, etc.)

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