• What’s the current go to camera, brother in law wants something for his motorbike (front and rear) that he can clip on and take away at the end of each ride.
    Doesn’t mind it overwriting footage just wants something just in case.

  • I think I'm done with the Fly6 and Fly12 now - for the price, they are far too disposable.

    They both have a habit of just stopping working (3 Fly12s and 4 Fly6s), and customer service is not helpful, to the point of being argumentative.

    There doesn't seem to be much else that has the same function - i.e. light & camera.

    What are the alternatives?

  • I've had no issues with my older version Fly6 and neither has the missus with her £10 knock-off version. Conclusion: user error.

    Seriously though, I never liked the idea of combining lights and camera. I want all the juice for my lights if I've forgotten to charge it. I run mine now in addition to a dynamo setup. Apeman front, Fly6 rear.

  • During the lighter months my cheapies (Apeman and that Aldi thingy) are all you need but come winter they are absolutely useless. Bit of rain and darkness and its all just a blur.

    Edit: Will the expense of the Fly6 get me visible winter pictures?

  • I don't think there's a huge difference. Once you get rain on the lens and following car headlight glare it's all a bit of a mess. But you still generally get enough to grab plates off stuff (running front and rear really helps). If you wanna dob in mobile phone users though you really need a helmet cam - that might also help keep it cleaner and higher so be more useful in winter. I've not gone there yet although if there was a lightweight helmet camera that could be stuck on one side I'd love to get rid of the big Apeman off the bars

  • Thanks for the insight.
    I'm the same with the old helmet camera. Not sure I'm ready for that.
    Most sports cameras now are varying copies of GoPro. The older style ones were more cylindrical which would look a bit more inconspicuous.

  • What size cards are you using? I was having troubles with my 128GB MicroSD card in my Fly12 until I realised the max they're compatible with is 64GB. Since switching it's been perfect for over a year. The batteries last ages too, in my experience.

  • Ordered a Fly12CE from the sportpursuit sale (£160) but still not dispatched - I never liked the GoPro form factor. Will move my "mobius actioncam" to undersaddle and have simultaneous front+back for the first time. Saddle bag contents will have to go into the second bottle holder (which I don't use except summer) but saddle bags are eyesores anyway.

    (My Lezyne 700XL primary light is now used by wifey so that also makes it more convenient)

  • 32GB

    I'm trying a new card to see of that helps at all.

  • Dobany of the cheaper end front cameras do loop recording?
    After nearly being wiped out from the front, I need a front one as well as a rear.

    I have a rear cycliq which is good, but the front is unreasonabley more money.

  • I have one of these that does loop recording: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07B­3ZKDR7

    The battery only lasts about an hour and the quality isn't all that impressive.

  • Yeah that's usless. My rides can be 7h long. But thanks!

  • There’s the Quelima cameras which are very cheap and very small but I’ve no idea how useful they actually are. Quality looks fine on YouTube tests but then it might break after a week

  • Anyone got the old v1 fly 12, is it ok? Can get them for 100. Which is half the v2.

  • got an sjcam. Quality is not great, but good enough for me (also cycling in the dark is not helping). Feeling a bit better now I can just provide video instead of having to rely on word-vs-word with the assurance. Battery lasts for hour and a half in the cold so looking good so far.

  • Yep. Mine is 3-years old now, 2nd hand from @Amey and still going strong.
    Just make sure your MicroSD card is no bigger than 64GB. Although it works with bigger, it throws up weird glitches and requires resetting a lot.

  • Thanks I'll get that one then. £99 is OK.

  • How long does it last?

  • Boast post ^

  • What a robot!

  • I don't think I've ever had it run out, which means I obviously don't ride enough.
    Longest ride was 100mi, so 5.5hrs, but I would have started out with static full beam before sunrise, then moved to flashing as it brightened up mid-morning.

    I assume the updated versions of the Fly12 have even better battery life?

  • No they actually reduced battery life.

  • A result of increased video quality? I think 720p (60fps) is the max for v1.

  • I think they said purely for weight. But I don't remeber.

  • 5.5hrs is brilliant tbh

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Cycle Cameras / Helmet Cams (GoPro, Drift, Veho, Contour, Fly6, Fly12, SJCAM, Apeman, 1080p, etc.)

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