• Format it with the camera.

  • It apparently doesn't handle 4gb files if you don't I suppose I could change to 1 or 3 minutes cycles.

    That being said in a week of it freezing every ride at least once after formatting it today it didn't freeze.

    Speak to you in two weeks when I get to the same point 😀

  • Is there much difference between the SJ4000 and M10? There doesn't seem to be much from what I can see.

  • Same gubbins different shape. However I think the firmware for the 4000 is newer

  • Cheers, will probably look at whatever is cheapest then.

  • Fakes of the sj4000 going about not seen any mention of fakes of the m10, that was the main difference that made me go for an m10 over the sj4000.


    edit - kinda funny to think fake of a fake gopro but it's happened

  • ^ Exactly why I went M10. Got stung on a fake 4000 that was only about £10 cheaper than genuine m10.

  • Same reason here

  • Since reformatting the sd card, it hasn't frozen once...yet.

  • Yes, just looking at some of the Amazon reviews there even seems to be fakes from there.

  • Ok so my back-up moon sheild has just died a mysterious death. It's stuck in the on position despite it hardly being used recently.

    Given that it's about £35 for a new one I'm wondering whether I can use some man maths to justify the extra £60 for a Fly6 camera.

    Not interested in the footage TBH would just be for "safety".

    Worth getting?

  • sjcam m10 footage is good enough for ITN apparently.

  • Using the £20 off £50 code for prime now you can get an GoPro Hero for £71 which is pretty cheap, (£95ish elesewhere). Will need a London address for delivery (which might be within the hour) and to install the app on a iphone/android phone to order

    Seems it has the best quality for a budget camera and that gets the price down quite a bit. Only think i was worried about was the bulk sticking up on my head, anyone tried a helmet strap?

  • I've previously posted on here about being impressed with the SJCAM M10 but the replacement I got when the charging port fell off the first one has now got a defunct start/stop recording button. I'm going to strip it and see if I can figure out what is the matter but even given the price of these, prolly not worth it given how unreliable I'm finding them.

  • I've got a GoPro HERO4 Silver edition on the way, but it doesn't sound like any good mounts come in the box (adhesive only). What's the best bet for recording mountain biking?

  • I bought a chest mount on Amazon, as it happens. Wasn't pink though. Is the pink important?

  • My experiences with body mounting a camera are not great.

    It's an ace angle to view from but the camera will either be pointing at the sky while you're sitting down or at the ground when you get out the saddle.

    I found mounting on the bike to be a lot better.

    Top of the seatpost (if you have thigh clearance) provides the points of reference like bars and hands/arms that you get from chest mounting but also stays aligned whether your in or out the saddle. Not dropper post compatible though.

  • Very, helps you shoot fabulous clips.

  • Joined the gopro club, any good guides for using a gopro cycling, to get the best footage/sound?

  • Turn it on

  • The GoPro Session has dropped in price to £250: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/gopro-hero4-sess­ion-action-camera/

    Has anyone used one of these as a commuter cam? Are they good for low light conditions like night riding?

  • Bloody hell, I must've ordered a lot from Wiggle... £212 when logged in.

  • I just got one from Evans for £249, didn't think to check Wiggle. Oh well.

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Cycle Cameras / Helmet Cams (GoPro, Drift, Veho, Contour, Fly6, Fly12, SJCAM, Apeman, 1080p, etc.)

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