• nearly been taken out by a WVM!)

    Sorry about that - don't suppose you got me on video, I need to check I look angry enough at ramming speed ;)

  • cool sano, can't wait to see the footage

  • I got recommended,
    Which they market as a military/swat team level quality of kit for only $599. Is that still about £3-400?

    Found this thread because I'm also looking for a much lower quality camera and some entry level video-editing software, wondered if anyone had any recommendations.
    All I've got so far is
    Actioncam Action Video Camera: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

    any ideas?


  • Having watched this on BBC news last week I thought I'd looking into getting one.

    YouTube - BBC News - Cyclecam

    Any thoughts on which are the best/ most practical/ affordable?

    GoPro & Contour seem to be the two main higher end ones, but I know that at least a couple of people on here ride with the Veho Muvi

  • in the post to me is one of the 7dayshop £10.99 Muvi knockoffs. I figured it's worth a punt at that price (and size). See how it works and if i bother with it, then upgrade to something fancier in time.

    The GoPro gets great reviews but looks like you've just taped a camera to your head. There is one that looks the job, but haven't been able to find much about the quality...wait while i have a look for it.

  • HD170 for the way!!!!

    Using at the moment to make a film. Cheaper than the GoPro and is actually a helmet camera rather than a Camera taped to your helmet as described above. Waterproof to 0.5m, comes with a remote so you can keep your eye on the action. Fits onto your bar, helmet, ski goggles or simply round your head. You can rotate the lens so you can film with the camera at all angles (up to 270 degrees I think). Looks really robust as well. And picture quality is great 1080HD.

    Got mine on the cheap from Ebay america.

    If you're just going to film your commute for prosectution purposes then maybe a £10 job will do as well.

  • From what I've found out the GoPro has really good mounting options, because it can go on your helmet, or strap to your head or there is even a chest mount

    But then the Contour has a better head mount, is slightly easier to use, and if you wanted to spend a little more you could even go for the version with GPS, so you would have an exact record of where anything happened, but then you could probably see that from the footage, so I'm a bit torn

  • Here you go: Camsports Nano £112

    This is tiny - 22g.

  • Ah! The HD170 was going to be my third choice after watching this

    YouTube - Comparaison GoPro HD vs Drift HD170 vs ContourHD vs ATC9k

  • I have a GoPro HD and it's stem-mounted. I got mine from the US and paid £200 with a handlebar mount and SDHC card. They have recently brought our a lower spec HD model and a LCD viewing screen. The waterproof housing is good, and the handlebar mount seems durable.

    Film of my commute, shot on the GoPro at 760/60 with very little vibration:

    Peleton CS7 - YouTube

    The Contour 1080 is v similar image quality wise, but due to the exposure option it can perform better in low-light than the GoPro. It's also more discreet on a helmet. The GPS option is nice, but not a deal clincher for me.

    The Drift 170, looks v nice and I see they have just brought out a Stealth model. The screen is a nice bonus too.

    I suspect any of the above would be fine, but for a lot of people it seems to come down to aesthetics. I suspect if I wanted to use a helmet mount, I'd have gone for the Contour or Drift.

  • That Drift Stealth model looks pretty amazing.

    I think if I had one of these I would like to use it for more than just recording my commute, and the frame rate options on that seem ideal

    Just wondering how much you can get in wvga mode, so I could record big chunks of lower quality footage for commutes and then whack it up to 1080p when I want to record something I would actually want to watch back

  • I have one of these for sale, £60 inc post.
    It's all there but not boxed.
    Oregon Scientific ATC 5K Waterproof Action Cam Flash: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    PM if Interested.

  • Ah! The HD170 was going to be my third choice after watching this

    YouTube - Comparaison GoPro HD vs Drift HD170 vs ContourHD vs ATC9k

    Really? from watching that video, I'd think the HD170 would be my first choice, and the GoPro's second.

  • I hadn't heard of it till the video, so only third in terms of ones I know

    I'm really not sure which is best as they all seem to excel in different directions

  • The HD170 exposure appear darker but the level of detail is pretty high compare to the other in that video.

    watching that video in 1080p full screen helped (if you hasn't that is).

  • Wobble from the rolling shutter seems less pronounced too,

    You could get over that by shooting at the top frame rate on the stealth or gopro and speed up the footage to match real-time

    but then that really isn't an issue if you're looking for just a record of any incident

  • Just had a chat with the guys at Phil's Bike Company, they've been testing the Cateye cycle camera

    Anyone know anymore about it?

  • Methinks he's talking about the Cateye Inou, which geo-tagged your photo/video automatically.

    have a little butcher at this;

    YouTube - Interbike 2010 - CatEye INOU GPS Camera

  • I've got the Veho Muvi (it was half price on Play.com a while back). I got this after a sucession of cheap eBay copies. The copies eventually failed in various ways - the Muvi has not.

    A good picture - can pick out registrations, faces etc. Good capacity and battery life (the longest I left it was 2 hrs and it was still going). Good mounting options inc waterproof housing. (Mine's on my helmet)

    The only 'downside' is lowlight stuff. I don't know if it is because I'm runnign 900 lumens at the front but it's hard to read numberplates in the dark. I don't know if this would be any better for a higher spec one or not. You can still see everthing else really well though.

  • The cateye does not look anything special.

    If I was buying a new cam, I'd be looking at the V.I.O. POV. HD

  • I don't know what reason do I need to have a gps build in my camera.

  • I was thinking that, maybe if you're in the middle of nowhere, but in London you'll be able tell where you are from the footage

  • especially if you want to go off roading, you usually tend to plan your route a bits, so you do know which path to take.

  • in the post to me is one of the 7dayshop ...

    Do they still sting you on import tax because they're in the isle of man or somewhere?
    There's a big discussion in the 'report dangerous drivers' thread about the mini cams from eBay for £10 ish.
    Up until today I would have said they're awesome, but I can't get it to mount. Haven't had time to look in to it yet though so might be ok. The quality is great though.

  • I'll tell you later - should be waiting for me at home, I hope.

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Cycle Cameras / Helmet Cams (GoPro, Drift, Veho, Contour, Fly6, Fly12, SJCAM, Apeman, 1080p, etc.)

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