• dunno then, try the support forum

  • have you tried another sd card?

  • Just got another one now, hopefully this will do the trick.

  • New larger micro SD card worked. Must be the write speed it couldn’t handle on a older micro SD card. Thanks everyone.

  • Anyone needing some mounts, arms and straps for their GoPro? £10 for the set?

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  • Is it possible to disable the watermark(s) on Fly6 (the original one) and Apeman cameras?

  • I think via the app yeah

  • Mine is the original one. No app.

  • Regarding the new version:

    It doesn't get very glowing reviews. Did they fuck the design up? Is the CE version better than the original or am I going to have to keep replacing it due to water ingress since they moved the charging port to the top?

  • They’ve just released the gen3, no idea if it’s any better.

  • Out in August: https://cycliq.com/bike-cameras/fly6ce/?­v=79cba1185463

    Reckons 4hrs (5 with lights off). I wonder how long the previous versions (claimed to) last?

    200 fucking quid?!

  • I've got 2 gen2 fly6 in a draw. Want one? Mine worked just find recording shit head drivers. The rubber bung is a bit poor, but just make sure its closed. I never had water issue.

    I'll probs come to london next week or so.

  • Anyone with a broken Apeman want to get rid of their old case? Want to try and set it up ready to go on a couple of bikes so just the camera has to be swapped over.

  • I'm down yet another Fly6

    They seems to break conveniently after any sort of warranty period ends, and customer support is utter balls.

    What are the alternatives. though?

  • How'd it break? My original one is still going fine and so is the cheapshit Chinese copy that the missus uses. Is yours the newer version? I was going to get one off @skinny but he's been busy pummeling his sitbones into new shapes recently.

  • Front and rear combo: https://techalogic.co.uk/

    Don't want stuff on my lid though.

  • How'd it break?

    It (and the preceding 2*) broke by being used. They just stopped either charging, or recording for more than 2 minutes.

    * 4 if you include the kickstarter ones

  • Are you pressure washing them? Do you use SuperCheapBudget SD cards? Did I just get lucky?

  • Are you pressure washing them?


    I use them on bikes with mudguards, so it';s not as if they even get road spatter.

    SuperCheapBudget SD

    Unless the ones I'm buying are fakes, they should eb the ones recommended by Cycliq

    Did I just get lucky?

    I may just be unlucky

    My only guess is that they use some weird proprietary USB driver, and that connecting up to a non-windows machine makes it unhappy.

    I know that the Fly12 uses non-standard firmware on the USB interface - I looked into it when it wouldn't play nicely, and discovered that they don't follow the standard properly (although the details are lost to time).

  • Don't think I've ever plugged mine in - I stick the MicroSD directly into the computer. If a non-Windows machine is the reason for the issues, then that's really shit.

  • Ok, that might be it. I use Windows only. Did you format the cards in Linux or something?

  • The cards are formatted as FAT32, albeit using a linux box to do so.

    It shouldn't make a difference, but I'll take the point & format using a windows machine.

    Obligatory hippy is FAT32

  • Yeah, it shouldn't, but who knows how sensitive their shit is to that kind of thing. Something to try before dumping them into the ocean.


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