Exeter Polo, Probably.

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  • Anyone?

  • Dude, wish I knew, I'm in Devon for 2 weeks, but no bike!

    Maybe we should have a beer at least!

  • Mr Up!

    good to see you are still about.. maybe open the invites to cortinas and tractors and you might get some numbers... ;)

    hope all is well down there. i am down that way next week 16th to 20th stopping at Taunton and Tiverton.. family things.

  • Tiverton! I thought your eyes were a bit close together.

  • Thanks Gabes and Pip.
    I am in London from the 21st for a week so hope to catch up with you and some polo.
    I miss you.

  • Any more signs of life? I'm in Exeter for 2-3 months, currently lacking a bike/mallet/skill though I can fix the first two next weekend. The last is a lost cause I think.

  • Just saw this. Any news about Exeter polo? I have some mates that might be interested? Where did the poster come from?

  • Back. Been away for weeks in Aus & NZ.
    Will flyer Exeter Uni and College sometime soon.
    The poster? Fired up the IIcx. Bingo.

  • Cool, my friend owns the Plant cafes (Cathedral Green and beneath Bike Hut) and is a bit bike mad, they'll take posters/flyers I expect if you're printing some!

  • When you next in London, James? Newt on Wednesday?

    Say yes... ;]

  • +1, it's been too long.

  • Indeed! I was thinking of you just the other day and became worried you'd quit polo.

  • I have not played since December as a sub.
    I miss polo and you guys.
    Will let you know when in Town.

  • Thanks Jono, visited Plant Cafe this afternoon and Polo is Go.

  • Hi, i am looking for a little direction. I am moving from London to Exmouth, Devon very soon and really want to set up a bicycle polo team/league down there. Our nearest city will be Exeter. Does anyone know of anything happening down there with regards to bicycle polo? I know it's not London, but thought it worth asking. Any direction gratefully recieved!

  • Hi

    it's been away since your last posts on this subject. Are you guys still about, is there still a league in Exeter? I'm moving to Exmouth and setting up a bicycle shop at the beginning of July. I'd love to join a team, set a team up, or basically get involved.

    good to hear back either way.

  • Thank you for link

  • There are a few interested people in Exeter, although I'm not sure if James has been pushing things lately.

    Bike shops are often the perfect way to foster a tight-knit bike polo community, I'm often down in Devon for a weekend and would be keen to play polo there, I have around 4 Exeter folk lined up who are keen at the moment, so perhaps someone just needs to suggest a regular session and (possibly) advise people about how to play, equipment, etc?

  • Exmouth Exodus then polo? ;)

  • Cool, well better get things sorted when i'm down permanently in a couple of weeks. I've been in touch with James, he has some equipment and loads of flyers. I'd be happy to help promote and push, also happy to host post drink and chill down in the shop too.
    PS for the Exodus i assume you'll be carry a change of bike for the polo game

  • Nice one, yeah post in here when you have a session lined up and I'll tell the folks back home, or perhaps even come along too (if I'm around).

  • I'll come down too, I'm moving start of July also.

    I also have 6 mallets that I can donate, and a few balls.

  • yhm I'd love to give this a go

  • Good luck guys. I live in Holmfirth in rural Yorkshire. We've managed to get a permanent court and enough players together. I'm sure it'll happen soon. I've family down there so get down a few times a year. I'd love to join in if anything happening

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Exeter Polo, Probably.

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