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  • i think a popular replacement is a cross check fork, or straggler for the disc clout.

    i replaced mine with an all brother day fork and it's good but i believe has a much shorter A2C? you end up with something that looks like a trendy geriatric bike

    all 3 have mudguard mounts, the former 2 come up very frequently and can be bought standalone if needs be

  • Replaced mine with Disc Trucker wich is perfect for axle to crown (wanted a disc). Used with 45mm fender for 35mm tire with space for more.
    My Pomp fork for sale in France if never.

  • I don't think the original Pomp fork is special at all, just pop round your local bike co-op and take something off any rigid hybrid; basically guaranteed to have disc or canti mounts, fender mounts, and generous tire clearance.

  • Thanks very much chaps, much appreciated. I don't mind the original Pompino fork, looks alright, just wish there was another inch on the steerer!

  • Various Soma forks work too

  • Hi, I’ve a pair of forks off my raw V4, that you can have for the cost of the postage (unless you happen to be local to Sheffield). My frame is a large, and the forks are uncut. Cheers

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  • jcac

    That's awesome, thanks chap - I'm more than happy to pay something for them or donate to a charity, whatever you'd prefer. I guess that the same size forks were used on both medium and large frames?

  • Hi, I don’t want anything for them, though I guess a forum donation would be good :-) I’ll send a PM. And am pretty sure the forks will be the same size (though that has no scientific basis).

  • Spotted in Manchester yestserday, Pompet?

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  • Maybe an inbred? TT looks very slopey

  • Ahh, of course!

  • For those that have re-spaced the rear of a pomp, how did you go about re-aligning the forkends to be parallel? I've coldset one frame before, but with thinner and less substantial forkends.

    I'm mentally getting closer to setting it up as 135mm, so I can quickly switch between single speed and geared for the bigger tours. Probably 1x9, or Nexus/Alfine 8 with full-length cable housing...

  • Forum pickup a few years back for my mate. He has 700x33 tyres in there. Any mudguard recommendations please?
    Don't live nearby so can't pop round but my advice would be 700x 35 mudguards and go for a 28c tyre? Sound okay? Cheers

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  • 700x 35 mudguards and go for a 28c tyre

    I ran this combo on my pomp for a while. Worked fine. SKS guards and pasela tyres.

  • Pretty sure I had 45 mm guards with a 35 mm tyre.

  • That's a Mk4 right? Not very helpful but 40mm Gilles Berthoud fit over 35mm (more like 38mm) tyres on my Mk2.

  • I have 45mm bluemels and 35mm tyres on my mk4.

  • Life is too short to run 28s on a Pompino. I run PDW 45mm full metal fenders and 35mm GravelKing SKs on mine with no issues. 38mm Volummys were no issue under those fenders either.
    Did tyre clearance decrease between v3 and v4?

  • My two

    Gen 1 and gen 2

    XL and L

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  • Thanks all. 45mm bluemels we think and then no need to change the tyres. Will post a pic when done in a few weeks

  • Please can I prov dibs the XL if you ever sell it? How come you have 2? Both look great

  • Duly noted

    I bought one to build a meme bike, the L, then needed a do it all bike when I moved, finding the XL as a original spec complete on fb marketplace for quite a snappy price, posted by a lovely man in wales.

    Was a real life barn find really

  • 45mm bluemels over a 33c tyre seems to have worked on my mates pompino! I'm not there so hard to tell but does the rear brake bridge stay thing need to mount somewhere? Seems to me that something should fasten the mudguard there.
    Also has anyone Kentish town way got a dremel he could borrow for beers? Cheers

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  • you gotta drill a hole in the guard to use that hole. But it's a spot that often breaks so tighten very gently. Good spot to use a rubber washer or similar.

  • Cheers ah that's a pain. Maybe some zip tie bodge...
    What often breaks? The mudguard or the stay?

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On One Pompino owners...

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