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  • i went to fit said mudguards this morning and didn't even get to drilling,

    I naively assumed the front guard would mound like a velo orange (these were sks), inside the fork for maximum clearance, it did not.

    due to the way the head tube is on the pomp, combined with the god awful brother all day fork i have on it there is a huge gap you are to run spacers off for this sort of external fitting, fine, usually, but the extra slack by these rear spacers meant my dynamo mount bolt was too short.

    The longer bolt provided with the mudguards was a size smaller than my light required, to which my only reaction was a mix of annoyance and familiarity. one should stop expecting bikes to just "work" and understand it's a minefield of standards, general bullshit and sometimes, just shitty engineering on the part of providers.

    I have to admit in my frustration i knocked the guard and now have lost one of the stay mounts for the guard, having only 7, not 8, so before I even re-attempt I need to both a longer bolt for a supernover lamp and another stay bolt (which of course can only come in a pack of all fittings)

    There is also the concern that even if i got it to fit i'd need to fit smaller, or at least less nobblie tires thanks again, to this absolute weirdo fork which is the all day fork. with this im 3 for 3 on trying to fit 2 racks to it and the angle being wrong (even one with p clamps!!) and now mudguards not fitting. my fault in part sure, but whom would make a fork which does not fit 35c with guards in this economy???

    as for what i will do next, it will sit in the shed, maybe forever, simply the permanent reminder of another failed project to alleviate some covid induced stress. maybe i will take it to a bike person when i've forgotten the pain, when i have some smaller tyres, but for now, it is time to act like i didn't want mudguards on my pomp anyway.



    bless saint johns sycles :relieved:

  • Pomp frame purchased, thinking fixed front disc, 32/35 tyres, not sure what bars yet, do love a bullhorn but maybe a low riser...

    Inspiration ;

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  • right;

    what fork to use?

    Steel - BLB one; can run a rack / guards easy, "nice" aesthetic

    Carbon - lighter, can run guards, cheaper


  • Any straight fork + pompino = winner

    I have a crosscheck fork on mine

  • having thoughts, I want this to be a cheaper build and less new shit; so who has a suitable fork?

  • why dont you use one of the original rapture forks??

  • Aside for another project!! But otherwise would be ideal, got a spare pair?

  • also set aside for a project!

  • Worthless to sell, too useful to be worthless

  • I've got an all city nature boy disc fork that I might sell. Let me have a think.

  • I'd throw a speculative 2nd dibs on these if you do fancy getting rid

  • The hoarding must end... all yours if @r.hobbs doesn't want them, I'll let you know.

  • I’ve got some forks -

    Pompino V4, new;
    Specialized Tricross (?), used;
    Planet X disc forks, used; and
    Easton EC70x (as far as I know), new.

    PM me if any of those would be of use - the only forks I would want decent money for are the Eastons. I was thinking £20 each for the others plus post.

    I may also have a XL V4 Pomp for sale soon if anyone is looking.

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  • Crosscheck looks good imo

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  • That's, I think, a genesis croix de fer or CDF fork - not a cross-check.

    Does look good on the pompetamine though!

  • Sorry, yeah. It obviously is. I misremembered.

  • Since you've handed me an excuse to post my bike: classic baby blue + cross-check fork

  • those eastons dont look new to me? paints all sanded up?

  • For a while i believe Easton sold them “ready for paint” like Columbus and open do now.

  • Thanks, the more you know!

  • i love frogouts @yoshy

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On One Pompino owners...

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