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  • 'Sweet' as in when a toddler does a terrible drawing for you?

  • "sweet" as in "i wish i had a yellow xl pomp with gears"

  • Amazing! Assuming you just re-spaced and welded on the derailleur mount?

    I've been considering the same, with the Octane One Kode dereilleur mount, but then I remember that I can't be bothered with winter drivetrain maintenance....

  • Yeah I had a similar rack on my pomp for a bit. the stays need to sharply go in, and then across the top of the cable (looks like the tortec tour ultralit comes with something similar already). you may need to tweak the stays a bit, my directions said any bends up to 45 degrees would be safe.

  • Yeah exactly. I have a cool chain tensioning method as well. Just jammed a 10mm M6 but between the axle and the front of the dropout.

  • it's certainly comfy enough and the weight doesn't really.mither me cos I'm like 85kg

  • Did you have to do any mods for it? Or was it plug, cable tie and play?

  • Well I welded a mech hanger on and also welded (terribly) some cable stops but that's it. Oh and respaced it.

  • putting all this in my notebook of "bad ideas to return to in lockdown 5"

  • I'll sort your welding for you nae bother

  • there's a thread if you're interested. M_V sums it up well: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15621784/­

  • Ha nice, I also converted mine to take gears. I think I will paint it at some point, right now it‘s perfect as a rusty snowmobile.

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  • Not a massive bike person, but took ownership of this pompino from my girlfriends brother in law, and after some googling found this thread and forum and have read about 150 of the pages.

    Gave the pompino some new pedals, bar tape and water cage (not to everyone's taste definitely)

    Have also just ordered a new chainring, cassette and chain to get the gearing more suited to the bopping around town me and this bike are going to be doing

    I'm pretty sure it's a small frame as I'm only 5 foot 6 and if anything it feels a smidge on the small side. If anybody could tell me what revision they think it is and or/ what some suitable upgrades could be let me know, quite like the idea of a front pizza rack for putting crap on from the shops etc.

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  • Anyone got a 54cm pomp for sale? Please message if so, Cheers

  • Welcome. Looks like a V3 and size small (since there's no pump peg on the head tube).

    It you're riding it as shown then the size looks fine to me... As much as can be seen from a photo (not much).

    If just ride and enjoy it. They're versatile frames. If you want to run a front rack then best to get a steel fork with appropriate mounting points. Personally I enjoyed riding mine with a pannier rack and the frame is all set up with the mounts for that already.

  • This felt like the upper limit of cargo-pomp, handling was quite squirrely.

    Sack of fire logs
    1200mm wide roller blind
    4kg bird food
    2x soya milk, 2x beers
    Tool roll, pump, extra warm layer, d-lock.
    More bungees just incase.

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  • ^ on reflection I should've strapped the blind lower, down at the front of the front rack.

    Also I definitely recommend avoiding this carry for logs...

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  • carry shit olympics gold medal

  • one sure to excite the pompino owners, mudguards.

    am i to believe if i want to install a mudguard on the back i need to drill it to fit the wishbone mount, or is there some ingenious solution to this?

    also am i fine fitting a 45c guard mudguard in there to cover a 35c?

  • Drill it, it's easy, makes it secure and silent. Don't forget to put rubber or leather between the mudguard and wishbone.
    And yes, 45mm guards are adequate for 35mm tyres.

  • perfect thank you, will do as such!

    we'll see how it goes when they turn up

  • On mine, there's a threaded hole directly underneath the wishbone mount. I just flexed/bent the (SKS) mudguard mounting plate back on itself and screwed it in. Works a treat.

  • Ok. i guess im hearing rumors of a pompino revival again. some shit about sometime after covir new pomp and inbred...anyone?

    Oh and if anyones in the states and has a L v4 frame/fork theyd like to sell please let me know..

  • excite the pompino owners, mudguards.

    You rang?

  • Don't forget to put rubber or leather between the mudguard and wishbone.

    Oh, is this why mine cracked?

    Edit: I don't have the wishbone stays. But my mudguard did crack at the seat stay bridge mount. Probably could do with a rubber washer or something.

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On One Pompino owners...

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