On One Pompino owners...

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  • Looks fantastic

  • Really fucking nice. Took you long enough!

  • lol got distracted with other projects
    The ongoing N+1 😂

  • Finished the pomp

    ID on stem?

  • The one and only gas pipe

  • Here’s my pomp.

    EDIT: NDS fail, what was I thinking

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  • Stra bella la forca è la tsunami di aliexpress?

  • si è proprio quella peccato che non sono neanche riuscito a provarla :(

  • Davvero top, che copertoni fitta?

  • Ah ma la tua è perno passante?

  • credo dei 40mm per ora ci sono dei 25 ma ci passa una mano intorno. mi sa che in acciaio non la fanno perno passante.

  • Que?

  • anyone know of a smallish one up for sale anywhere?

  • Pomp now in full time dadbike mode... actually very fun doing SS, with a tiny gear and wide bars to get up hills.

    Have been bimbling around offroad at a very slow pace, such a good way to spend an hour or so (longer when lockdown is over).

    (Front brake cable isn't as strained as the picture looks)

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  • .

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    After around 3000km. this past Winter with pretty much no Service at all, I've treated mine with some new bits and cleaned it properly...

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  • Don’t think your pictures are working?

  • Crappy pic, put cx comp and the Crosslight fork back onto my Pomp. V.tired chain replaced after ride, chainring cleaned too. Still not sure about the stem/bar combo. Might switch the canti brakes over from my Kaffenback too. I need a little thumb bell to go by my grip as previous bell was in the huge spacer stack but no room for that now. This will be my allotment lockdown to & fro ride. /csb

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  • perhaps not that helpful, but i've found 3 small bells in the garage recently if you want any? the cheap type that come with OTP bikes

  • Very kind thanks. I reckon there's some similar knocking about my bike room, i'll shout if not though.

  • @14nng on Instagram

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  • Still anti, the cx fork steered is too short for my canti-hanger spacer doofer so my mis matching fork is back on to allow the switch from mini v.

    Lower rise stem plus levelled the bars and saddle a bit too.

    Fun to ride on a short blast around the local woods again.

    Edit: chain looks a bit tight in the pic, it doesn't feel it now, unless there's a tight spot I've missed.

    Edit 2: longer steered means bell is back on the spacer stack

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  • Here’s mine.

    Got the stays crimped to fit DA cranks. Weighs a fucking metric ton but it’s my all time favourite commuter. Will probably get it resprayed some point. Rack lyfe is pretty sweet, burger bell: DING DING!

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On One Pompino owners...

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