On One Pompino owners...

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  • Bootzipper and panaracer UK condition tyres also sound cool

  • Need to pay more attention.... just as my school reports said many years ago.

  • I was the same. But then it said in the text that 2 of the 18 were on hold, so I worked it out from that.

  • Here's mine.. just bought the frame second hand and built it with bits and pieces I had in the shed.
    I love the way it rides in and out of work, very comfy... it's not going anywhere!

  • "16/ Classic Pompino - Slightly bigger clearance but not much to change"

    Classic... Maybe a wishbone seatstay? I quite like my v4 though!

  • I really like the v4, prefer it to my wishbone Kaffenback.

    V4 with discs and would be perfect

  • discs and....

  • Oh yes sorry, discs and bigger clearances

  • I was hoping for discs and a front-mounted meringue stand :(

    I'd be all over a Pompetamine if they re-released it. I'm doing a welding course this winter and the first thing I'm gonna do is put disc tabs on my pomp.

  • switching to disc brakes is the only change I'd make to my Pomp too. I do appreciate that it makes sourcing a rear wheel trickier though...

  • My only regret about my Pompetamine is that I didn't get a Pompino with a disc fork, precisely because of the rear hub ballache. I ended up using a heavy old CX wheelset with a single speed kit. It works fine, but I'd prefer a proper SS hub.

  • The entire appeal of the Pompino for me is that it can take parts that are (by design) decades old. I hope they keep producing it as a 120mm-spaced rim-brake frameset as it brings agile modern geometry, generous clearances and comfort together in a package so affordable that you can put one together for very little money*.
    Disc brakes fuck that plan up entirely, and result in a noticeably heavier bike unless your budget goes way up. More nickable with discs too.
    It’s the perfect townie, imo.

    *have I ever added up what I’ve spent on mine? Have I fuck

  • That's fair enough but discs would be nice for cross. Not that a pompino is in any other sense a practical cross bike.

  • If they just put an IS disc mount on the rear though, it would cost a couple quid more to manufacture and there’d be nothing stopping you using a normal wheel on the back. You just have the option. (If 120mm spaced)

  • Lies! It's great.
    If you want to suffer like a dog every fucking lap.

  • That applies no matter what bike you are riding.

  • True, but it's a purer more noble suffering with one gear.

    They should put fucking discs as an option on the pomp.

  • They did, it was called the Pompetamime.

  • What they really should do is to put a straight fork on it, instead of the curved one it has had for generations

  • Looks like no matter what they decide, people on the internet will tell them they're wrong.

  • You're wrong.

  • If you want a Pompino with discs get a Surly, an Intec or a Brother. 120 mm & rim brakes ftw

  • I do kind of agree with this actually. I have to keep trying to avoid the temptation to put nicer things on mine, since it's the only bike I feel comfortable locking up. Discs definitely wouldn't help with that.

  • Yes. But they're not building the pompetamine again are they?

  • It'll be good if they call it something else, or the decals are over the clearcoat this time...

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On One Pompino owners...

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