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  • It looks kinda fgfs over all to me, but I don't dislike it

  • Big clearance, quality components and a bargain price, what a deal ! But it's calliper and not vbrakes/cantilever. IMO it looks like more a surly steamroller than a pompino

  • The FB On one official page announced it in October 2018, it said it'll be the classic pompino, so vbrakes normally. The disk version is called the pompetamine I don't think they'll make it again

  • No mudguard bosses on the ribble?

  • No rear brake studs either, they've gone minimal.

  • £700 a bargain, for that?

    Sell you my foffa for a grand...

  • forks look like they're on backwards...

  • Bargain because:

    • new bike
    • quality steel 725 Reynolds
    • good cranks
      -goods wheels

    You have some bikes with much less quality components at the same price or even greater price

  • It looks like the rear bridge is drilled

  • It answers the crucial question, though. Yes, it does in fact barspin.

  • You have some bikes with much less quality components at the same price or even greater price

    Perhaps, but doesn't make this a bargain-there's still a lot of fat on the total price relative to what you're getting. Sits somewhere between a Gazzetta (£350 for columbus frameset?) and something like Brother R725 which can be had now for £360 in the sale.

    For the money I'd rather just buy a Pre-cursa with a winter fork, get almost the same clearances and have £475 to play with to get set up with wheels and the rest.

  • That r725 is a bargain, rather heavy though. My 631/725 frameset is 300g lighter.

  • Ah, yeah.
    Makes sense being caliper on the front and an' all.

  • 725 isn't all that

  • I thought the precursa was limited to 700x28c as says on the website ?
    Brand new Miche track crank + BB + miche Xpress wheels + the other components is worth nearly 475
    I mean it is a bargain price for a starter bike for a newcomer in bike world right ?

  • "worth nearly £475"...

    Yes, but only if paying full retail.

    The point of buying a full bike from the manufacturer is that you're getting a deal based on the full build.

    700 for an off the peg single speed is pretty shite imhop, it's not like fitting larger tyres in it should command a premium

  • it's not like fitting larger tyres in it should command a premium

    You and I both know this is exactly how the world works.

    Fashionable and ‘on trend’ things will always command a premium over items that are less desirable.

    Economy of scale may come into play in some spheres but cycling isn’t really one of them imo.

  • one of these can be had for about £600

    or one of these can be had for bout £500

    So yeah, that ribble isn't a "bagain"

  • Yeah but Pompino thread. Cheap as chips.

    Just got a raw v4 with everything apart from wheels for a ton and sourced a disc fork from a Cotic road rat to slap on it... A calliper and a rear wheel away from getting it built up.

  • Long time lurker....first time poster!
    Lured in by Pompino thread.
    Latest incarnation of Pompy with the frame I've been using for 15 years

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  • Ribble's answer to the Pompino

    The 0 rake looks weird..

    Draw a line on the photo: the rake isn't 0 and the forks are backwards.

    Chart says "fork trail 40mm".

    I threw the numbers in their geo chart into a CAD program. Since head and seat angles are the same, wheelbase, chainstay length, bb drop and horizontal TT length are enough to prove their chart is wrong:

    Same for all sizes:
    CS 415mm
    BB drop 49mm

    (max 40mm tyre listed, so using 700mm dia tyre for trail calcs)

    Wheelbase 1015
    HTT 575
    =>Rake 41.35
    =>Trail 67.0

    Wheelbase 1029
    HTT 595
    =>Rake 35.62
    => Trail 73

    Wheelbase 1060
    HTT 625
    =>Rake 36.58
    => Trail 72

    Assuming the fork rake is 40mm, calculated wheelbase would be
    Small 1013.59
    Medium 1033.59
    Large 1063.59

    If by "fork trail" they mean "horizontal distance between the hub axis and the steering axis" (which isn't how forks are specced because this varies according to the headangle) then 40mm there gives wheelbases
    Small 1011.65
    Medium 1031.65
    Large 1061.65

    Their numbers seem inconsistently wrong, so it's hard to work out which values are calculated and rounded and which were selected.

    Their diagram shows stack and reach, but the chart doesn't specify them and because the head and seat angles are the same, you can't work them out without knowing the A-C length of the fork and the assumed stack height of the external headset lower assembly.

  • Loverly. I've had mine for 10 years - don't think I'll ever let it go.

  • Anyone got a small frame they are looking to part with?

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On One Pompino owners...

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