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  • Unfortunately, I am selling my custom Pompino size L Raw.

    More details can be found here:

  • Also got a small pompino up for sale on the classifieds.

    Currently set up in commute mode


  • They're like buses...

  • in more than one way, built like them too

  • Rides very nice now but still work in progress, todo list: rear tyre, new mudguards, bar/hoods configuration, brake fine tuning, specialized pizza rack.

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  • It’s still going strong too (excuse the dark photo)

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  • Finally joined the club..Build it for winter commuting with dynamo lights, mini-v's and longboards. Need to sort the front light mount, as my bodged one is too flexy. And also not sure about gear ratio. 48x16 might be to much, even though it's totally flat here.

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  • Looks lovely! What kind of fork is that you're running? Do you have problems with toe overlap since it's straight and the original fork is curved?

  • Rychtarski custom fork

  • Do you have problems with toe overlap since it's straight and the original fork is curved?

    Just because a fork is straight, doesn't necessarily mean it has a lower rake than its curved counterpart.

  • As mentioned earlier its Rychtarski custom. Great fork, sligtly longer, same rake so no problems. Bike handling is better now. Comfort didnt suffer because of straight blades. Disc brake is nice but cantis would by also ok and much cheaper.
    Im waiting for gumwall gravelkings and pizza rack. Need time to install mudguards. I will share beter pictures shortly.

  • Anyone got an example of a rad repainted pomp? Looking for inspiration for mine, which needs a new winter coat having had new bottle cage mounts added.

  • Ah yeah, of course! Looks excellent.

  • which needs a new winter coat having had new bottle cage mounts added.

    Did you strip them or have additional ones added or what?

  • Botched Spray dot Bike job on mine, inspired by Jon Olssons RS6 DTM I'm sure you could do a better job but its one way to go, pretty easy just need time and frog tape

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  • Quite a bit actually:

    Lowered the ones on the downtube and seattube to clear my frame bag;
    Added new ones under the downtube;
    Added new ones on the fork legs;
    Removed the cantilever cable guide;
    Changed cable guides for rear brake to zip tie ones to allow use of full outer cable (avoiding the frame bag again);
    Added full internal routing for dynamo light wiring.

  • There's another really good one I this thread somewhere, besides Mr_B's brilliant one, it's green with gold decals.

    This one:

  • I can never figure out if I like the pimppomps or the hacked-together roll-over-everything to work pomps more.

    The pimppomps look fantastic but I'd feel all kinds of weird putting such fancy parts on such a basic frame

  • Thanks all. Some nice inspiration.

    I've opted for grun grau, RAL 7009, with sparkles in the clearcoat. Should be understated with a bit of bling, or at least that's the goal.

  • I've also asked for a couple of millimetres to be cut from the bottom of the headtube, to sharpen up the handling with the cross-check fork (which rides ok but is 5mm longer axle to crown than the stock fork).

  • I feel absolutely fine putting 'fancy' (simple, top quality) parts (that hold their value and work on a multitude of bikes) on such an underrated frame.
    I feel all kinds of weird ending up with parts bins full of half-worn cheap shit that I don't really like.

  • Nice.

    I'm using a lowering bracket on my seattube so I can get a big bottle in and out past the top tube, would be nice to do it properly.

  • Yeah, looking back through this thread I can never decide which I prefer. I guess that's the appeal of these bikes, the versatility.

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On One Pompino owners...

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