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  • Breaking news from Melbourne, it’s been 2 months waiting for parts mostly and I went with TRP 8.4 v-brakes and completely rebuilt the bike minus the guards for now. Brakes are powerful.

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  • @Thrasher you’ve got a large! I could be interested in f&f. Let’s speak tomorrow.

  • Switched out original pomp forks - taking for a spin now, hoping it’s not too twitchy

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  • I think we need a 'Melbourne Boiz of Pompineux' club.

  • @sensom I miss that bike sometimes. How is it doing down South?

  • Looking for l or Xl pompino . Frameset. Cheap as possible

  • Am I allowed to plug the Australian forum? fixed.org.au. Apologies to mods if I have been naughty in sending this.

  • Are these woodchippers then for sale? Please tell me more

  • I'm not sure. They're very comfy just too wide for city commutes.

  • Cool. Let me know if you fancy swapping or selling.

  • Bike looks great btw! I am running a very similar setup with a v4, except it's blue, has fenders, and a Wald basket.

  • Will do, no progress on new setup yet though.

  • 165mm Omniums on a v2(?) XL Pompetamine. Just pings the chainstay and will probably be a bit worse when actually ridden.

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  • oh man, same sh*t few weeks ago with miche advanced crank. good luck.

  • with new 620mm handlebar ;)

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  • Hi. what is your experience this frame bag? I can not decide buy a saddle bag or a frame bag.

  • I have 170mm Omniums on my Pompetamine. I used a spacer and had to file a bit on the crankarm to make fit. Totally worth it though, I love them Omniums. Been riding them for a year or so with no issues.

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  • I love it. Mines a medium on a medium frame and as you can see takes the whole thing up. Super durable. You can zip and unzip with one hand easily. It has space on both sides with a divider on the inside as well. Good kit

  • Doesn't that just mean your BB spindle is too short?

  • if you find a buyer for the headset and fork separately, I'd be interested in taking the frame

  • The Pomp misses you too! It's such an awesome workhorse (done over 2,500km since I bought it off you). Were you the first owner of it? I feel like I need to know more about the bike's rich history...

  • No harm in plugging a forum in another hemisphere ;)

  • Omniums don't use square taper bottom brackets. It'll just get a quick touch with a file.

  • Bough new from On-One as a full bike which had: baby blue frame, fluoro green 35c tyres, 2kg+ deep section wheels, orange BMX saddle with pivotal seatpost etc etc.. Basically all the shit they couldn't sell. I had it powdercoated straight away, and a few years and thousands and thousands kms later I had basically replaced everything on it (and lost interest for some reason).
    Ironically I would have much more use for it now than when I sold it to you. Oh well. At least it found a good home.

  • Unexpected day off as daughter poorly = tinker with pomp.

    Bullhorn looked so bad I didn't bother with pic.

    These v.low rise/sweep risers look ok, and the R550 levers will pair up nicely with the mini-v's. Wider than before though so the woodchippers might end up back on...

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On One Pompino owners...

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