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  • @matsa Mine is a medium as well and that dc37 looks very nice thanks for the info. @Heldring also thanks for the info on the Thorn forks. Definitely will give one of these a go. Cheers guys.

  • Not sure if this interests anyone but Large and Small are on offer for 175 https://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/FROOPV4/on-­one-pompino-v4-frameset

  • It's a lot easier to reduce toe overlap by fitting shorter cranks.

    I've got a model sketched up in a cad tool but the published V4 geo is missing the dimensions I'd need to work it out: https://www.on-one.co.uk/c/q/bikes/urban­-bikes/pompino#tab-size

  • Very true. I do have 170 cranks on there because I got em cheap.. guess I could look out for some 165s

  • Sorry for the spam - I'm stripping down a Large Pompetamine to sell as I never use it if anyone is looking.
    Would rather pass it on to someone on here who'll appreciate it than put it on eBay...

  • Tempted..pm'ed

  • Anyone got an XL they're selling by any chance?

  • Also did they not do an xl v4 or did they just stop selling it after a while? It's on the geo chart

  • They did, as I had one until a BMW wrote it off 😤

  • Latest state of my Pompino. Now with a pair of the Jack Brown tires on sale from On One. Had it about 5 years now and a lot of miles in cities, country lanes, off road etc. Still absolutely love it.

    Next stage is to attempt to relace the rear wheel with a 5 speed Sturmey Archer instead of the current 3 speed, should make long, hilly days touring in the South West and Wales a bit easier this spring/summer.

  • Is your 3 speed same as what'd be found on Raleigh Shopper? I've couple of old'uns might be interesting to run on my pomp.

  • Just had a reply from Planet X about Pompino XL:

    Unfortunately those have been discontinued, there will be no further
    stock of the Pompino frames I'm afraid. The nearest we'd now have is
    the Holdsworth La quelda.

  • no pompino frames anymore never?

    im still looking for a medium v4 peepz. roll up!

  • Is this the end of the pompino? Surely collectors item in the future

  • It's a Sturmey archer SRF3. I think that makes it technically a different hub to the old ones (Sturmey is a new company now), but very similar in reality. Not an expert on this though. It is a great hub and perfect for most of the riding I do, would just prefer a little more low end range for long loaded days.

  • RIP pompino :-(

    That Holdsworth thing doesn't look remotely as versatile

  • @mdcc_tester will know more. As far as I'm aware the new hubs are even compatible with the old shifters etc

  • #RIP the blowjob

  • Wow that's big news.

  • Looking forward to the second-hand price going the way of Brooklyn frames ;)

  • It'll be interesting see what becomes new stock currency when somebody buys an expensive steel singlespeed frame.

    They won't be able to say You could buy 5 pompino's for that much anymore.

  • 'You could buy 5 Holdsworth La Queldas for that' doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

  • Maybe used Pompino (Pompinii?) will become really sought after and soon people will offer Pomp for sale for silly money and someone will say "You could buy 5 Brooklyns for that".

    Or not.

  • Pompini is bang on.

    Source: GCSE Italian, 2004, 'A'

  • Ta for both posts. I'll measure spacing on the old hubs, if they fit 135mm frame I'd guess they should work.

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On One Pompino owners...

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