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  • Many thanks. Very helpful. I think I'll be trying a Large. Best I go find one and post pics. I'm 5'7" by the way.

  • I'm 5'10" and ride a medium.

  • For comparsion: I'm 6'1" and ride a large
    @emu I'd go for medium, a large would probably be too long

  • I got myself a green one in L and I think I'm going to be OK (wheel sea). The Pompino has a very relaxed seat angle. I'm used to a 74 deg on the road. With an inline seatpost to give the same saddle setback as my most comfortable road bike, for the same stem length I get the same saddle to bar distance. One thing I hate is short head tubes and a multitude of spacers or an upturned stem to get the bar height right, I fear I will get this with an M.

    I'll post pics this week, once I have changed a few components.

    Thanks for your input all. If it doesn't work out, I'll chop it in for an M.

  • I’m 5ft 11 and a half, and ride a large. I’ve uploaded a photo so you can see the proprotions, if that’s any help.

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  • My internet biek fit skills say your saddle looks high.

  • My mate would agree with you; we are pretty much the same height but my saddle is higher that his. Though when I ride his bike it feels too short for me. I don’t think my legs are out of proportion, but it feels ok!

  • If it feels good, do it!

  • I’m about 2” taller than two mates but we all ride same saddle height.
    However this does mean I make up for it with a fucking sick 120mm stem

  • 6', 86cm inseam, riding a large V4 :)
    more photos here

  • Battlecruiser Pomp receives a Wald, new 32mm Paselas, Nitto For Shred wide bars and a nice clean. Fuck I love this bike.

  • oh man, thats an ultimate version of a pompino !! Maybe some paint and new cranks (those ones are not my favourites :p )

  • Have you had experience with the above rack? I'd heard it caused a few people some issues but looks perfect for me, although I'll need to drill the front of the caliper mount on the old pomp fork.

  • The photo is of one my bikes. Never had any issues.

  • Fantastic, planning to strap a small dry bag to it so looks spot on. Thanks!

  • Cranks are next on the list. Don't let @lolo hear you slagging off the paint job though, I'm sure he paid a pretty penny for it ;)

    @spotter that looks perfect! What are they rated to weight wise? Looks like SJS hazard a guess at 3-4kg which seems a bit weak?

  • Felt very sturdy to me, I've never had any issues with weight. But realistically would you regularly carry more than 5kg? Hard to really fit much more in a small wald. Speaking of which what is a wald rated too itself? I wouldn't think much with those long stays

  • @spotter can't see a definitive answer (though I gave up looking after a few minutes Googling. It seems pretty sturdy with the brackets, especially given where it mounts to on the bars, it'd likely just droop down if there was a catastrophic failure of the legs. Assuming they don't go throwing themselves into the spokes.

  • I don't think you'd have any worries doing anything with it that you'd normally do with the basket. If anything it's more secure I'd say, short stiffer mount etc.

  • Right on - might pick one up when I'm back in the UK for Christmas then. How you healing up btw?

  • Good idea, and I'm better thanks. Stitches out today I hope!

  • A picture of my current pomp setup:

    Just cut the steerer down this weekend. Pretty happy with it.

  • I am thinking about getting Pompino as SSCX, commuter and winter bike. I am 6' high with about 34'' inseam. Will Large be ok for me or should I look for XL (drop bars planned)? My current gravel bike (GT Grade) has 565 ett and 203 ht.
    Also, how the changes in geometry between V3 and V4 affect the bike in practise?
    And finally, PX currently has only Raw frames, I heard that raw finish is more susceptible to rust, should I look for a painted frame instead, considering this is going to be a winter bike?

  • Got my V4 up and running a couple of months ago, current set up:

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On One Pompino owners...

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