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  • Yes, with BB spacer i mean the thing that fits between the BB shell and the BB. I have not changed anything with the BB since my old Alfine crankt that fitted correctly.

    The 6.5 mm spacer fits on the outside of the crank axel and can be used to brevent the NDS crank to not bottom out before preloading the BB. But if I use that the NDS cranks with too far out.

    And I do not want to try to space the BB around.

    Part 11 is the 6.5 mm axel spacer

  • Just a note that the small drop bar pomp option has been reduced to 333..

    A week after I paid 399! haha

    looks like you can grab a small blue for 84

  • http://productinfo.shimano.com/#/spec/2.­3/COMFORT/Crankset?q=fc-s501

    Only 68mm is listed.

    You aren't trying to use the FC-S501 driveside with the FC-S500 NDS arm are you?

    The difference in chainline will be between the inner and outer sides of the tabs (in triple parlance, middle- and big-ring positions). The double-guard version has the chainring in the big-ring position, 49.2mm chainline. The single-guard version has the chainring in the middle-ring position with only the guard on the outside of the tabs.

    The crank itself is the same whether you bought the single-guard or double-guard version.

  • This is the type of thing some companies will refund the difference for. You don't get if you don't ask.

  • FC-S501-3475.pdf

    The double-guard version has a 6.5mm driveside spacer (item 11) and a thinner NDS spacer (item 6).

    The single-guard version doesn't have either of these spacers.

    I suspect that even though both versions are "FC-S501", there's actually a difference in the axle length, so if you bought the double-guard version you will only get a 49.2mm chainline.

    There is no spacer on the sin

  • 6.5mm seems like a hell of a size for a bb spacer.

    See the Shimano EV doc, it's a spindle spacer.

  • Oh thanks Phil, I'll check with them.

    Also to point out, the drop bar pompino looks to be sold out now along with the further reduced frames. Only things that look to be left are the Raw Burn in all sizes.

  • Thanks. It is so strange that there seem to be two different cranks with different axel lengths, but they don't have independent articles at Shimano. I guess I will try to return the crank set. In worst case I actually think that it's my NDS crank that is stripped out. Then I can have a silver/black mismatched Alfine setup with a spare chainring.

  • See the Shimano EV doc, it's a spindle spacer.

    Yep, had a good look now. Was on my phone before so not Shimano tech doc friendly.

    I've only ever seen one HT2 chainset that used a spindle spacer and it was 2mm or thereabouts and only fitted the n/d side so I'm not gonna be much use.

  • In worst case I actually think that it's my NDS crank that is stripped out. Then I can have a silver/black mismatched Alfine setup with a spare chainring.

    That assumes the splines are the same lengths in both versions.

  • Crosscheck fork on a pompino.
    Good or shit idea?

  • Shit, the axel to crown is to long on the Crosscheck. The LHT is a match however.

  • I think shit is overstating it a bit -- lots of people have done it. But you're right, the LHT fork is 390, which IIRC is the same as the pomp.

  • I have been meaning to put a LHT disc fork on mine for ages, they don't ever seem to be in stock anywhere though.

  • ah that could work nice. get one of the surly racks on it too

  • z

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  • Some for sale on eBay!

  • Just put my old dodgey crashed DH bars on the pomp.

    Rides well!

  • I'm upgrading the Pompetamine.
    It's now in a functional state with 1x10, and flat bar.
    I want to make a tourer out of it. With a CX1 groupset, rando drop bar, tubus tara, nitto M12, ... and a 650b wheelset.
    Already ordered and received most parts but I'm having an issue with the wheels. I thought I bought a 11speed compatible set.
    Unfortunately it's not...

    Now I'm struggling to find what I need.
    Can someone recommend a 650b wheelset or rear hub, for sram 11speed, that I can fit on the Pompetamine?


  • Riser is so much fun

  • Agreed. Risers rule. I've put some mudguards on this thing and a few other practical bits. One thing I've found is the bolts and self x-tractor bit on the stronglight crankset is soft as butter. I was backing out the NDS crank arm and the extractor bit just popped out and stripped part of the threads on the crankarm. Or maybe it's just me. Thinking of putting a different crankset on.

  • I've had a similar issue but on the drive-side. Also the chainring on mine is quite sharp on its inner diameter. Having just changed to another chainring I don't think the spider is machined very well the fit was so unbelievably tight. The ring only sitting properly when the bolts were tightened.

  • @Lobos what bars are those and what's the rise? They look like just what I'm after.

  • Interesting!! I'll check my chainring for comparison. Still got the stronglight crankset on there?

  • Yes, still using it but I think I'll replace it the next time it's removed.

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On One Pompino owners...

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