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  • I got inspired by pompys pic ages ago of his Pompino with a road fork on it and wondered what it would do to the angles and handling. I have a digital pitch meter at work so I measured the angles on my medium with P2s on it and then again with a road fork to see what difference it made.

    With the P2s I measured HA 70.8 and SA 71.2. The P2s have a-c of 395mm so 5mm more than the On One Pompino forks.

    With a road fork (Kona retro road) I measured HA 72.4 and SA 72.9. A-c is 375 also measured by me so give or take a mm or two. In any case, fairly normal road geometry angles. So I built it up to give it a test:

    I was in South Wales last weekend so took it with me and bombed down some cycles paths following old railway lines and it handled really well.

    On One's website claims HA 73 and SA 73.5 presumably with their standard fork. Anyone else done any measuring?

  • Anyone know what size bolt the (v3) pompino takes in the drilled bit of the wishbone, for attaching the mudguard? I had one in before that worked well but I've lost it and none of the bolts I've got lying around fit properly. Wondering if I've somehow stripped the threads or something...

  • Should be standard m5. Same as the other mudguard braze-ons.

  • Waaah :'(

    It's fucked then, the m5 bolts I tried spin round but don't grip, and don't go very far in. Not sure if the threads are stripped, or if something is blocking the bolts from going in far enough to catch. I wonder how the fuck I managed to break it.

  • ....future owner here.

  • You (or a reasonable bike shop) should be able to tap it out to m6 reasonably easily. I don't think there's much threading on those wishbones so they're probably quite easy to strip.

  • Yeah to a bike shop it goes I guess. Cheers. It's just weird, I don't remember having to use any particular force to get the old bolt out.

  • On One's website claims HA 73 and SA 73.5 presumably with their standard fork. Anyone else done any measuring?

    those we're a typo they never corrected to the chart. It was the same geo as v3 pompetamine. Something like 72 72 iirc

  • I had to cut an m5 very short (less than 10mm of threading) to fit when mounting fenders. It's not threaded very deep

  • Cheers. That sounds a bit more plausible but still not close to what I got. Just curious to see if anyone else had bothered to measure with a stock fork to see what it actually is?

    I suppose it doesn't actually matter so long as my bike works...

  • It's taken a month or two but here is my pompino finished today... Brake needed but commute isn't too perilous as it stands so might take it for inaugural spin tomorrow

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  • Nice color scheme and tyres Mi Amigo.

    Funny as I went there this morning: my last Pomp build was ready except for the cantis - as the BRM is close to work I commuted through Paris brakeless which was a new and fun experience to me...

    Now equipped with cantis to come back home (with a White Industries Trials freewheel which makes more noise than a fire truck...)

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  • dna, el Huron, Mi Amigo and Xavonseine, what a great Pompinos

  • At least with the freewheel, people can hear you coming ;) Brakeless is tough though. Didn't realise the power needed to brake with legs alone.

  • Managed to sort the mudguard wishbone issue - I just forced the bolt up really hard whilst screwing (no euph) and it eventually caught the threads.

    Few changes to my pomp over the last couple of years, it now looks like this:

    Still absolutely love it. Recently changed to freewheel after 2 years of fixed - I moved to a hillier area and fancied a lower gear to make it easier up hills, but not to have to spin like a madman down them. Coasting still feels like an illicit thrill, but will defs go back to fixed at some point.

  • Anyone else using 45mm Chromoplastics and Tektro mini Vs?

    I find that on the front the mudguard fouls (love that word) the brakes so that they skew annoyingly to one side. I took the rubber thingie off on the back and that sorted out the issue, but on the front the metal...thingie...between the brake arms rubs the top of the guard.

    It's not that big a deal but it stops the brakes being adjusted properly.

  • Can you lower the mudguard slightly, either by filing the bracket or using a bit of Meccano or something as an extension?

    I had chromoplastics and TRP CX9s, the cable and noodle-holder made contact with the top of the guard but didn't cause problems adjusting them.

  • I might have to get a bit of Meccano I think.

    It's not a great deal of contact but enough to push the left-hand arm outwards as the metal noodle holder "slides" down the curved outer of the guard. Perhaps I have to set the adjuster screws hard right to hold the arms in place...

  • That looks very similar to my current setup, with similar reasoning behind it too!

    D'you mind if I ask what your brake/lever combo is? Are they Mini-Vs?
    I think we have the same mudguards, and I want to change to minis because Canti's are basically joke brakes, but I wasn't sure about clearance with mudguards

  • Hey, cool, got any photos of yours? They're TRP RRL levers, which I really like - gone up a bit in price since I got them, but still way cheaper than rrp if you buy from Planet X: http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/BLTRPRRLA/t­rp-rrl-alloy-road-brake-levers

    and the front brake is a Shimano mini v - http://www.evanscycles.com/products/shim­ano/tiagra-grade-r463-2013-road-flat-bar­-v-brakes-ec041351

    The rear brake is a Tektro cheapie - http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/BCTK926MV/t­ektro-926al-front-and-rear-mini-v-brakes­

    I originally had Tektros both front and rear, but the front died, and the Shimano I replaced it with is much better quality. Braking power even with the stock pads is awesome, smooth modulation and so on as well - the Tektro in comparison is a bit more off/on, but still works fine. Using the cheap Lifeline compressionless cables - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/lifeline-perform­ance-brake-cable-set/ - which are great too, the lack of squish means you get a bit more brake movement for the same movement of the brake lever, so you don't have to have the pads quite as close to the rims as you otherwise would.

    The mudguards are 45mm sks longboards, and yeah the clearance is fine, all works well. I also was running the same setup before with the old-style cheap Tektro levers - the ones that look like old Campagnolo shifters, and that worked too.

  • Does anyone know the BB drop on a Pompetamine off the top of their head?

  • Actually does anyone know of a good source for all the geo data on the Pompetamine? Found a few geo charts now and they all seem a bit different.

  • I got this with a bit of measuring:

    Still not sure about the angles... (somewhere in the 71-72 region)
    edit: size large, 35mm tires, pompetamine fork
    edit2: cleaned the image up a bit

  • Measured my size S a couple of days ago, from the floor to the middle of the bb 39cm, from floor to bottom edge of bb 37cm. All with 28mm paselas fully inflated and pompino fork, no headset installed though.

  • Xavonseine> Lovely bike - what forks you got on there?

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On One Pompino owners...

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