• That is terrible. Condolences to his family and friends.

  • What terrible, terrible news. My thoughts are with Dan's family and friends.

  • Oh no. Terrible, tragic news.


  • Very sorry to hear this.
    RIP Dan

  • Oh God...
    I'm so so sorry to hear this.

    RIP Dan
    Friends and family, you have my thoughts and my love.

  • Another tragic news in an already grim beginning of year. RIP Dan. Sincere condolences to your family and friends.

  • Oh no, this is horrible, terrible. I passed by this accident on the way back to Camberwell from a polo players workshop in Stoke Newington, from talking to people at the scene it happened about ten minutes before I passed through. They had the cyclist on a stretcher and they were getting ready to put him in the ambulance. I could see the bike crumpled under the wheels of the truck, and I was quite shocked by it, but I was somewhat reassured when I saw they were talking to him, I thought he was going to be OK. I dont know the cyclist at all but if any of his friends or family read this, my deepest sympathies go out to you.

  • Terrible .

    RIP Cyclist and condolence to all close ones.

  • Awful. You always hope that a seriously injured rider will make it through, and I can't begin to imagine what the dashing of that hope must mean to his closest ones. All the best to those who are now grieving. Rest in peace, Dan. Most of us can only remember your death, but there are those who will remember your life, for a long time.

  • Just catching up with some posts and read this, terrible, tragic news. RIP Dan. My thoughts go out to your friends and family.

  • I'm so sad to hear about this, such a tragic loss of life.
    Please pass on our sympathies and condolences from everyone on here. If there is anything we can do please ask.

  • rest in peace Dan, thoughts and condolences to close ones.

  • Rip

  • What a sad waste of a life.

    Rest in peace and deep condolences to family and friends.

  • :(

    horrible news.

  • Good God... I genuinely didn't expect this. Not sure anything typeable is appropriate other than to add my own voice to what will be a cacophony. So sorry.

  • so sorry to hear this. my thought are with his family and friends.

  • RIP Dan.

  • God, I am so sorry for your loss T, and to Dans family
    PM me if you need anything.

  • Ride free dan.

    Terrible news. Thoughts are with family and friends.


  • I cant say anything that hasnt already been said. this is horrible news. RIP Dan. ride on. ride long. ride free.

  • I've just caught up with this.I'm so so sorry for Dan, his family and friends. Utterly horrible news.

    RIP Dan

  • How terrible.

    RIP Dan. Thoughts are with family and friends.

  • Damn waste.


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2011-02-02 - Rider Down/Fatality, Kingsland Road/Dalston Junction (London)

Posted by Avatar for nelaii @nelaii