• slight chance it could be a ped, not sure, person under lorry, several police cars and ambulance blocking off half of the traffic.

    looked pretty bad. hope s/he is ok. Did anyone see what happened?

  • Spoke to a bystander and they said it was a cyclist. Turning lorry. Hope all are ok.

  • Spoke to the policeman there - it was a cyclist hit by a left turning dumper truck. Saw the rider being lifted into the ambulance so still alive thank god. Thoughts are with you whoever you are.

  • oh dear not good.

    i saw the aftermath of a motor biker crash today on mile end road outside qmc. the police closed the road = serious = fatality ?

  • Mile End was a fatality. It was my workmate. Dark day

  • really sorry to hear that.
    seems like this month is off to a bad start.
    thoughts are with the people and families involved.

  • Sorry to hear that HYD.
    I cycled past about 2 mins after it happened.
    Plenty in attendance so I didn't stop.

    Fingers crossed for Dalston Rider.

    Please cycle safe people.

  • I just cycled past Dalston Junction. Came straight on here praying it wasn't what it looked like.

    Of course it was. Very sad.

  • Just went past this on my way home. Celeste blue bike with drops - I hope they're ok... first time I've witnessed the aftermath of an accident. Feel sick to my stomach.

  • hyd. thoughts out to you and your workmates family and friends.
    and to the injured cyclist heal up hope it turns out ok.

  • Ta, but yes, thoughts with him, his wife and of course the cyclist at Dalston junction. Put alot of meaningless shit we argue about at work into perspective.

  • Just been past Dalston Junction, no information that hasn't already been posted.
    My thoughts are with the rider.

  • just walked passed, thoughts are with the rider, hope he/she is ok and will be riding soon again

    sorry to hear about your workmate HYD

  • Passed it about 10 minutes ago. Fucking horrible seeing the bike still there and reduced me to tears. Spoke to plod who said as far as he knew the cyclist is still alive but critical so here's hoping they hang on in there.

    I also was caught up in the traffic chaos around the fatality on Mile End this morning. Grim day.

  • just typed and deleted various sentences that failed to say what i was thinking
    basically 'get well soon'

  • ^Snap. Get well soon Dan, sorry to hear about your misfortune.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Dan.

  • sorry to hear your news HYD
    prayers and thoughts for Dan


  • poor show london. condolenses and get wells to all.

  • yes +1, really hope this ends well

  • Went passed this incident at 6.30 tonight, must have been 20 police officers there plus others wearing flouro "incident response" vests. A lot of photos being taken by the police of the truck involved... Didn't see what happened but the bike had ended up under the driver-side rear wheel, so all the way under from the collision had it have it happened from a left turn onto a curb-side cyclist.

    Thoughts with Dan, second time in three days I've cycled past something like this, hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  • What a shit day.

    Sorry to hear about your workmate HYD, terrible news.

    Best wishes to Dan, here's hoping he makes a full and speedy recovery.

    • to the positive wishes to Dan. Heal up mate. Take it easy out there one and all.
  • Tough trying to type whilst choking up, but I will say my prayers tonight
    What a bad day

  • awful news all round. HYD, Condolences to you and everyone who knew him, and best wishes to the cyclist, hoping for a quick recovery. A lot of drivers seemed on edge today, beeping as soon as lights turned amber and that. It's shame it comes to this.

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2011-02-02 - Rider Down/Fatality, Kingsland Road/Dalston Junction (London)

Posted by Avatar for nelaii @nelaii